Blogging4Jobs Exclusive: 85% of Job Seekers Rely on Career Sites

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While you are reading this article, there is a group of recruitment marketing professionals at the L’Oreal Offices in New York City listening to this very same announcement! It’s with great excitement that Blogging4Jobs offers you this exclusive HR industry news from Potentialpark, a global research company. Can you tell we’re excited?

Jump on over to Twitter, search #OTaC13 and join the conversation.  I, for one am live tweeting the awards ceremony today.  

It should come as no surprise how strongly I feel that employer branding and online recruiting is to engage and find top talent at your organization.  This is what Potentialpark’s top 30 career sites and their online talent management awards is all about.


After surveying 1,598 U.S. students and graduates, and testing 119 top employers’ career sites, Ernst & Young, Bertelsmann and GEICO have the best career websites in the United States. According to the results of this 2013 online talent communication study (OTaC), Ernst & Young and Bertelsmann, along with Roche have the best online application processes from a job seeker perspective.

Online Recruiting Strategies & WHAT JOB SEEKERS WANT

When it comes to corporate career sites and online applications, many features were evaluated. The most important aspects to job seekers center on recruitment process information; job seekers want to be prepared for and know what to expect throughout the process.

Of those surveyed, 65% say it takes too long to hear back from employers, making communication a critical component to ensuring a positive candidate experience.  Job seekers also want to a more personalized experience, which could include degree or skills matching tools, career path information, as well as a clear understanding about what a particular job really looks like.


Straight from Potentialpark’s results, here are the top 30 U.S. corporate career websites. The last column indicates score movement this year over last. In addition to “virtual shout outs” to the top three companies, Verizon, 3M, Credit Suisse and Dell deserve a hand. Clearly, they each made a concerted effort to improve the candidate experience via their respective career hubs.

Top 30 2013 Career Sites


While career sites continue to play a key role in serving up useful content to job seekers, it’s not the only channel they are using to get the skinny on companies. According to CareerBuilder, many job seekers will utilize eight to 14 different sources to research companies and jobs.

Savvy seekers are using career sites and social media in different capacities. Career sites allow them to “window shop” employers and opportunities, and social media provides the direct link to interact and engage.  As the study looks ahead at job seeker and online talent communication trends, it’s clear that “the mobile revolution leveraging hiring is imminent.”  Across the U.S. and globally, job seekers are ready to access jobs and apply via mobile devices. However, in most instances, the candidates seem to be waiting for employers to catch up to this technology.

Are there any surprises here? What are your takeaways from this new research?  

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  1. Ernst & Young did get back to me within a day! With a rejection, but either way it demystifies the idea that online systems are ‘black holes’.

    • @Vassie,

      Isn’t it sad that we are asking for just basic interaction from our recruiters? One day is very quick and I’m guessing you might have not passed the inital what we call “knockout questions.” These are a series of questions typically asked at the beginning of the application. If you don’t answer these the way an employer would like, you application isn’t even viewed by a recruiter and receives an automatic rejection. One question that would be a knockout is, “I’m eligible to work in the United States.” or “I am able to travel at least 50% of my time with overnight stays as part of my job.”


      • Wow, I did not know that – I always answer those automatically. It is interesting how much job search has become an art of going around the online application process.

      • As a former Product Manager for these systems, employers have asked for their ATS (recruiting software) to delay that automatic rejection by several hours or a day so it feels to the candidate that they were actually considered. Unfortunately the process has become less humanized due to companies struggling with the volume of candidates. Also, to continue to afford the staff they have they often rely on technology to help automate the matchmaking, at least the first cut.

        As a former job seeker, I welcome an answer even if it’s bad news and frankly the sooner the better so I can stop wondering and work harder on other opportunities.

  2. Very interesting list. I have never viewed a website on that list so I can’t comment on any of them. There is a local company where I live called Qualtrics. They are by far the best experience I have had. I agree that most companies take WAY too long to respond to job inquiries.

  3. Great post I would submit that this might be entirely different for emerging markets in Africa, Middle East & Asia.

  4. I have been in Human Resources for almost 20 years. During this tenure, there have been times (fortunately just a few) that I have been unemployed and have solicited help from professional staffing agencies. Honestly, my experience with the majority of these agencies has been frustrating, to say the least. My position was eliminated last year. The company I worked for faced critical financial challenges and, telling me “HR was the lowest hanging fruit on the tree,” decided to outsource the HR function to a PEO. I took some time off to refresh and renew, but I am again aggressively seeking employment. I have solicited the help of multiple staffing agencies to no avail. In a moment of total frustration and tired of poor customer service, I posted the following open letter on my Facebook Page. It may ruin any chances of future employment, but at this point and in this market, and the age discrimination I have experienced, I think “future employment” is no longer a reality.

    An Open Letter to Professional Recruiters at Staffing Agencies:

    “What do you do when you’re not selling your services to a potential client promising him/her the world? By client, I mean the HR person at the company you are trying to convince how wonderful your company is. Obviously, that must be taking up a lot of your time, since you never pay attention to the clients who are actually looking for work. You do the same sales job with them as you do with those HR professionals. You promise them the world, you tell them there are great opportunities out there, you do and say everything to convince them you will find them a job, and you tell them “oh, you have such an awesome resume!” Oh, yuck. You’re nothing but sales people. You do not respond to our phone calls, you never call us again after that initial meeting or, worse yet, you call with a job that is NOTHING like what your unemployed client is looking for. 20+ years in HR, and you tell me, “there’s a great HR coordinator job.”

    I am done with you. If I continue to look for work, I will not solicit your help, I will not refer any of my unemployed friends to you, and I will delete all your contact information. You play with people’s emotions with no regard for the long-term consequences. You are only concerned with your commission and those jobs that are going to bring in the big bucks. You’d be better off selling cars, Tupperware, or ice to Eskimos.”

    Linda Rojas |
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