Be Great – A Story of Personal Discovery

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The first blog I ever wrote?

It was ten years ago on Myspace – it was a rant.  I loved those Myspace days – I was good for two rants and a couple poems a week.  It wasn’t long before I realized that I could write as often as I liked.  And I liked it.  A lot.

 And thus, my passion for writing was re-kindled and my fascination with blogging began,
and has since never subsided.

Some years ago, I watched a video of Seth Godin and Tom Peters discussing blogging at an American Express annual meeting.  Tom Peters made the statement that in the last last fifteen years, blogging had been the single greatest thing he had done for his career.  At that time, I had been writing daily just three months but I welled up with tears because I understood what he meant – even though my blogging fixation was still so new.

My Life and Work

Years ago, I was asked by an early online community organizer Jason Davis, aka Slouch, to contribute daily to his community for recruiters and HR professionals.  I was excited and challenged by the opportunity and after two solid days of brainstorming, I sent him the first outline for Bonus Track.  The discipline that the practice of writing daily brought to my life and work changed my life and my work.  After so many years, I can proclaim – loud and long – that the writing itself, with thoughtful intent and purpose, has truly bettered my life, my work – has bettered me.  My personal mantra has been “Find the Better Way” for many years – the RecruitingBlogs community helped me do that,  inspired me in my work, taught me about the industry, and produced some of my greatest friends and mentors.

About Blogging for me

When I have had the opportunity to produce and share presentations about blogging at public events and conferences, I have suggested that everyone should write, as often as possible or – as many writers will believe – when you have something to write about. Everyone should write, everyone.  I have also stated that not everyone should publish and not everything should be published.  I have many posts sitting in draft form, waiting to be tweaked or trashed.  And there are many more where they came from.  I am a bottomless pit who suffers not from writer’s block.  It is my own personal curse – for every event becomes a story or lesson of some kind.

Great adventures, personal tragedies, interesting travels, horrible interviews, brilliant partnerships, nightmarish travel, big dogs, bumper stickers, funny children, rogue shopping carts, fender benders, poor customer service, people who smell, new friends, old quotes, conniving business professionals, happy or angry clients – all stories waiting to happen or blog posts in the hopper.  You may have heard me say this before and it continues to hold true.  I write because I have to.   It is no longer a matter of the project I need to complete or a stringent goal.  It is part of who I am.  And the who I am changes daily.

A Great Lesson

One of the greatest lessons I learned from social media is how to be flexible, how to adapt quickly and how to take it all in stride.  These are necessary and admirable traits in business today.  Garner these, provide a quality service or superior product, and always stay true to who you are.  Be great.

The “greatest things you can do for your career” are many.  Pick one, master it – be great at it, that’s how it becomes a greatest thing.


All of these lines across this page tell you the story of who I am…
<hat tip to Brandi Carlile>

by Rayanne Thorn



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