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These next couple of weeks we’re doing something completely different on Blogging4Jobs. We’ve decided to go back to the basics with our readership and teach them more of the fundementals of HR and the basics of different facuets of the industry. We’ve all been there, done that, when it comes to starting off in our first role inside Human Resources. We all also probably remember how overwhelming it was, the I-9 Forms, workers compensation issues, and different policies that we had to learn and know by heart. Albeit not the most interesting Blogging4Jobs wants to offer up resources for the everyday practitioner and that’s why we’re talking about the basics.

Whether you were in a department of one or one piece of a larger puzzle there were always situations where you were overwhelmed and didn’t know where to find the answers to your questions. Instead of going directly to your supervisor you scoured the interwebs for information on these various topics. These next two weeks we’re going to be talking about employer branding, labor relations, policies, dealing with co-workers, and a variety of other topics that are tuned to either help you out when you first start your new career or to help you go back and understand more fundementals of your job.

Sit back and (re)learn the fundementals. Have something you’d like us to talk about this week? Let us know by filling out our contact form, emailing blake(at), or simply leaving a comment below. We look forward to hearing from you!

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