Ashley Madison Breach: Data Security Needs to Be a Core Value

ashley madison data breach
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Is data security a human resources issue? It sure is. Data security should be a core corporate value, across all departments. The recent Ashley Madison data breach has some important lessons for the C-suite and front line human resources practitioners alike. Here are 4 articles that help tease out lessons from the breach:

4. Why Ashley Madison Should Be the One to Pay for Getting Hacked

Mashable argues that AshleyMadison is liable and should be liable for damages in the hacking scandal because while it touted its great security, it didn’t take it seriously. Is your organization taking data security training seriously? Most data breaches are a result not of highly skilled hackers, but employees failing to observe basic security precautions. (Why, oh why, were there so many .gov email addresses attached to Ashley Madison accounts?)

3. Ashley Madison hack: Can the Company Recover?

CNBC has four recommendations for organizations finding themselves in AshlyMadison’s place, weathering the bad publicity resulting from a data breach.

2. Wreaking Havoc: Ashley Madison Breach Shows Hackers’ Shifting Motives

It’s not just financial information that hackers are interested in — some hackers are simply interested in embarrassing you. The lesson here is that data security isn’t just important when it comes to core financial data — a human resources data breach has the potential to be incredibly damaging.

1. What Ashley Madison Tells Us About Corporate Security

Don’t trust outside networks, don’t trust your network, don’t trust your vendors. The first step to corporate security is not taking anything for granted. Corporate security requires awareness, vigilance, and above all, compliance. Make data security a core corporate value and ensure that practices are being followed and updated when necessary.


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