Are We Still Yelling at Passive Talent & Expecting Results?

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Or worse, are we still using our HR Tech to spit out our jobs believing automation is the social recruiting answer?

If you love social media, I bet it’s the engagement and conversation you love. The ability to keep in touch with people with ease, hear the latest news as it happens, and generally be, ah, social.

So why do we forget this when it comes to recruiting? Companies spend so much money strategising over their employer brand & vying to be an employer of choice but do they undo it all on social media?

For example, have a look at Ford’s LinkedIn Company page. At first glance, it’s pretty impressive with its 451k followers but if you have a roll through the updates, you’ll soon see examples like this:

Ford Social Recruiting

This post appears automated, due to the link and use of hashtags on LinkedIn, the only network of the big four that doesn’t use them. But my real issue with it is that Utsav, Peter and the 18 other people who took the time to add a comment, remain unanswered. And this isn’t an isolated incident.

What damage does this do to all of the hard work the marketing department is doing to promote Ford’s employer brand?

Social recruiting success comes by being social.

Social recruiting is a careful balance of social sourcing – finding people on the right social networks, socializing your employer brand – sharing valuable content, yours and others, to attract talent, and socializing your jobs in a way that doesn’t deter your followers.

Of course you need some automation, and I encourage you to use it when sharing your content because you can’t possibly be on social media all day and night. This kind of automation will allow you to track results and improve, and, importantly, reply to comments and questions.

But automating job postings is just noise. It’s treating social media like a job board.

Would you walk into a conference and yell, “Hey, wanna work for us?”

There are 3 steps to success:

  • Work out which social network is right for your jobs and build a following of the right people.
  • Gain trust and keep your following interested through genuine engagement, conversation, sharing valuable content, and by being responsive.
  • Share jobs only occasionally and with creativity, so your tribe is happy and willing to pass it on.

There is 1 step to failure:

Use your HR Tech to spit your jobs onto many social media channels because you think it’s another job board.

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