9 Holiday Gifts to Score Points with Your Boss & HR Lady

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What to Get Your Boss & HR Lady (or Guy) For Christmas

Today I’m spending the day preparing for my Internet shopping extravaganza.  Maybe you are too.  I detest actually shopping in the stores.  There are people, congestion, and just drama.  I prefer to surf and shop in the comforts of my own home cuddled up on the couch in yoga pants with a glass of wine.  Apparently, I’m not alone as an estimated $9.15 billion worth of shopping will be done online according to eMarketer this holiday shopping season.  Many employees are faced with the dilema of what to get their boss or their HR Manager for Christmas.  What do they really want?  Can I give my boss a gift for the holidays that scores me points?  Keeps me employed?  Guarantees a raise?  More importantly, can a nice holiday gift keep me from getting fired after the crap I pulled at the holiday party?

Here are some suggestions for your boss and HR.  So let’s get shopping.  Afterall, there are only 13 shopping days left till Christmas.

1) Crazy Cat Lady Hoodie via Etsy for the casual cat lady on those cold and lonely winter nights. Meow!

2) Cat in the Act Earrings via Modcloth. Might be a nice accessory with the Crazy Cat Lady Hoodie though, really round out that outfit as you’re taking Fluffy for her daily walk.

3) Crafting with Cat Hair via Amazon (affiliate link).  I think the title for that one speaks for itself. Definite crazy cat lady material there.  Dog lovers who are also crafters might enjoy this book on knitting with dog hair. (affiliate link).  I’m serious.  I can’t make this stuff up.  Why do I have a sudden urge to craft and knit?

4) Preppy Cat by Budi Satria Kwan via Society 6.  The coolest thing about Society 6 is that once you find a piece of artwork that you love, you can get it on a print, iPhone case, or even a pillow.  I’m thinking office art for the HR office corridors.  Enough with the lame work and leadership motivational posters anyway. . .

5) Meowy Christmas Shirt via Ugly Sweater Tees- not only is this a great take on the ugly sweater tradition for your favorite HR cat lady (or gent), but 100% of the proceeds go to the APA of Missouri, and you get free 2-day FedEx shipping, in case you forgot to get a gift for your crazy cat lady aunt.  TOTAL win.

6) Snazzy scarves are sure to impress the HR ladies.  This mustache scarf on Etsy is one I have my eye, my mustache on especially given my involvement with Movember.  You can never go wrong with a scarf, and this mo never needs waxing.  I probably have 50 in my closet.  Scarves I mean.  It’s great for travel or to give that top a little extra something something.

7) Anything Coach.  I hate to be stereotypical, but it seems to be genetic that HR loves anything made by Coach.  I have in my personal possession 4 different coach purses, 2 pairs of shoes, an umbrella, and a wallet.  This leather cross body purse called “Willis”  is perfect for HR conference travel  fitting my iPad and various conference and traveling essentials perfectly.  Isn’t the $289 price tag worth the ever-lasting happiness of your office HR lady?

8) Wine of the Month.  We might not admit it, but we like to cut loose.  A nice subscription to the wine of the month club lets us relax on our own time.  Bosses and HR ladies rejoice!  Human resource professionals happen to be some of the most fun and interesting people I know, but they will never let their bosses or employees in on their little secret.  We love wine.  It looks classy when we drink it, and we do that thing with our pinky.  I recommend V.Sattui’s Wine Club out of Nappa Valley specifically their Dolce Club.

9) Wine Accessories are awesome, but no shot glasses, please.  HR folks and bosses like to keep it respectable.  Check out this cute festive holiday wine toppers from Beau-Coup.  My favorite is the Santa wine stopper.  Add a chocolate fondu set, and it means a 2012 five star performance rating for you!

What am I missing?  What does HR want for Christmas besides a fully automated and integrated talent management suite and a seat at the table?  What’s on your Christmas or holiday gift list for HR, your boss, or co-worker at work?  Here’s your chance to weigh in.

A special thank you to Lindsay Goldner my amazing graphic designer and genius behind many of the infographics you see on Blogging4Jobs.  It’s her cat holiday guide you see above.  She is my go-to gal on all graphics projects with clients and for me.  Check out her blog at www.linzlovesyou.com.

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