5 Benefits of Social Networks at Work

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The use of internal social networks within your organization has the potential to make a huge difference within your organization. They provide a way for employees to interact and develop as well as give leadership insight into who their employees are and what makes them tick. By interacting with their employees and paying attention to the employees’ interactions, leadership can use the information provided by their social network to improve employee experience as well as customer experience and benefit their company as a whole. Because social networks are dual purpose, the really do allow for a heightened level employee interaction and input.

Here are a few specific ways that social networks can benefit you and your employees:

5 Benefits of Social Networks at Work

Engage and Build Relationships

Leadership within any given organization should always be looking for ways to increase their employees loyalty and raise morale. Both of these things are likely to happen when employees are given resources to build relationships with their peers as well as leadership. Social networks allows your employees to branch out further than the immediate surroundings of their departments. They are able to interact and network with people in other departments that they don’t usually see. By empowering your employees to build these relationships, you strengthen your company as a whole when your employees feel better connected and more in the loop.

Communicate Effectively Beyond Email and Phone

Some phone calls go unanswered and some email unread. Through the use of a social network you are able to bring in a new channel of interaction that may allow for certain topics to be better addressed. Social networks often allow for more of a conversation and it is less likely for important topics to be missed or swept under the rug when they are all out there for the world to see.

Provide Companies with Trends and Analysis

An internal social network can provide endless information regarding employee satisfaction and other similar trends. The amount of data that is available to employers from employee activity, search and interests can help organizations learn more about employee interests, engagement levels, peak work times and productivity, and types of content and conversation drives the most interest from your employees. When that information is collected and analyzed, employers are then able to make necessary changes to increase satisfaction and capitalize on these trends.

Foster Self-Development, Learning and Discovery

Many employees want to be responsible for their own careers, paths and development. Social networks provide a basis for comparison, a time for self-development, reflection and thought. Employees can compare their careers, interests and activities with their peers, learning more about the opportunities that may be available within the organization and hopefully driving them to want to do more and work harder to get there.

Create, Elevate and Foster Organizational Culture

Employees are generally reminded on a daily basis the different programs and culture of the organization via email and other communication. A social network can function as  a positive reinforcement of this information while also generating discussion around the topics and even encourage a deeper understanding.

As your employees become more comfortable with and internal social network and begin to use it more, you will see a lot of opportunity to make your company a better place. Your employees are what make your company successful so by listening, interacting and making efforts to increase loyalty and satisfaction, your employees will want to continue to use these networks to better their own experiences and benefit the company they work for.

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  1. Social Networking at work helps in building sound professional relations, explore new opportunities and promote your firm. It is a good piece of write up with crux of social media benefits at work.


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