Top Blogs of the Week #HRTechConf Edition

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This week has been focused on gearing up for one of the biggest conferences for those who have HR technology products, the HR Technology Conference and Expo. We’ve put out a downloadable for your Guide to Las Vegas, we’ve started back up our text club, and our infamous VIP Party Guide was launched earlier this week. Each week I scour blogs that I find interesting from our site, If you’re a practitioner in the space and you’re looking for a little more visability, let me know and we can get you added on the site.

This week and next week we’ll bring you all the top blogs that relate to the HR Technology Conference so you’re prepared and ready to face Vegas head on!


Six “Awesome New Technologies” for HR: Robin Schooling talks about six new technologies that are debuting products during the HR Technology Conference. Clickthrough to see who and what products are being unveiled. Read More.

Technology and Data: Friend, Foe, or…..: One of my favorites from the Women of HR blog Jennifer payene talks about how technology works for or aganist us? What do you think?  Read More.

9 Technology Applications You Need to Checkout: Ben Eubanks uses framework from Bersin by Deloitte to talk about 9 areas and 9 companies that need to be checked out during HRTech.  Read More.

Well, we leave it at three this week! HR Tech Conference is gearing up to be the biggest it has ever been! If you’re not going, you might just be missing out on the networking, sessions, expo hall, and much more!

Once more bloggers start writing about the conference we’ll be helping promote the word! Until then, here are some more blogs over the HR Technology Conference written by the Blogging4Jobs team. 

Blogging4Jobs & the hr technology conference

Podcast Episode 2: HRIS Integration with Caleb Fullhart: The Workology Podcast brings you highlighted information about HRIS Integration. Something extremely important for those looking to purchase their next solution at the HR Technology Conference. Read more.

#HRTechConf Unofficial Party Guide: Every major conference Blogging4Jobs puts out their unofficial party guide. Well, it’s here! If you’re attending the conference make sure to check out all the deets on the hottest parties at HRTech. Read more.

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