10 days of #HRGoodness

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This year Jessica and I thought we would do something different and try to share in the community that we have created with what we’re calling #HRGoodness. We’d love to have you join in. These are the activities that we’ll be doing over the next 10 days and we invite you to join us. #HRGoodness kicks off on December 1st. There are no rules only guidelines. The goal is to come together as a community where we share together and help make the world a better place.

Participate with us — share your experiences here on the blog in the comments or follow the hashtag #HRGoodess on social media. You can

Let’s get together as an HR Community and spread some #HRGoodness


Day 1 – Pay it forward –  pay for the coffee of the person in line behind you at the coffee shop

Day 2 – Baby its cold outside –  donate a used coat (or other winter gear) to a local children’s, women’s or homeless shelter

Day 3 – When you smile, the world smiles back – make a conscience effort to SMILE and wish a stranger a good day as you go about your daily tasks

Day 4 – Do a mini food-drive with your family, friends, or coworkers to donate to a local Food Bank –  stores too busy consider making a donation online to an organization. Here is a list of frequently needed items.

Day 5 – Leave Random Notes of Kindness for others to find — desks, restrooms, car windshields, neighbor’s door

Day 6 – Volunteer at one of your favorite local charities – don’t have one, volunteermatch can help you find one

Day 7 – Earth laughs in flowers – leave a flower or bouquet of flowers for a friend or coworker

Day 8 – Make a new friend Introduce yourself to the new person at work (or a new neighbor) and set up a lunch/coffee break sometime in the next two weeks

Day 9 – Help an unemployed friend/student with resume review, help with job search, introducing them to someone in your network … you know what to do here, you’re an HR pro 😉

Day 10 – Share a favorite memory or photo – we all love to hear those “remember when” or “that’s when we became friends” or “I’ll never forget. “ stories — share one with someone in your life on social media — or better yet go old school and give a ring on the phone.

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