6 Reasons Millennials Make Rockstar Managers

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Over the last decade, Millennials have been rapidly entering the workforce and taking over management positions. While some may think these Millennials are too young or too inexperienced to take on leadership roles, they’re actually quite talented leaders in the workplace.

Generation Y is beginning to rewrite the rules of management. Their passion, drive, and desire to create a more inclusive workplace is driving the way managers are leading their employees. Millennials are going to outnumber Baby Boomers by 2015 in the workplace, which means we’re going to have to embrace their leadership style.

Millennials have a lot to bring to the table when it comes to being an effective manager. Check out these qualities to see why Millennials are the next generation of rockstar managers:

They’re digital natives.

Many people consider Generation Y “digital natives” because they were born into a generation filled with technology. Since Millennials grew up in an era of technology and innovation, there’s no doubt that this will influence the way they lead in the workplace. As digital natives, this generation has the advantage to learn quickly and educate others about the role technology plays in the workplace.

Digital natives make great managers because they think in terms of collaboration and creativity. Their connection online helps them provide real-time feedback for their employees and create new ways for training. In addition, their ability to effortlessly use technology is changing the way Millennials shape the workplace. Technology is transforming how day-to-day work is performed and Millennials are able to effectively use these tools to make improvements for their companies and employees.

They’re creative thinkers.

Aside from being tech-savvy, Generation Y managers are incredibly creative. Not only are they able to use technology to improve the workplace, but they can do it in a creative way. Whether it’s designing a wellness app for employees or starting a blog for employee relations, Millennial managers are looking for new ways to inspire and motivate their employees.

Generation Y managers also want to promote a workplace that’s creative and forward-thinking. Whether it’s finding creative ways to collaborate with employees or thinking of new ideas for projects, this generation of managers is bringing an entirely new meaning of creativity to the workplace.

Millennials aren’t afraid to take risks.

An important characteristic of any effective manager is the ability to take risks. Millennial managers are always looking for the next breakthrough; they’re willing to do what it takes to reach the next level of success. Generation Y understands they still have a lot to learn, but this doesn’t mean they won’t push their leadership and thinking skills to the next level. Millennials want to do what has never been done before — and that’s what makes them excellent managers.

Millennial managers are optimistic.

Regardless of what Millennials experienced during the last decade in the workforce, they haven’t lost their optimism or enthusiasm for their careers. This optimism is essential to being an effective manager because it promotes positivity in the workplace. Millennials have a greater desire for accomplishment beyond typical economic success because they are passionate about innovating and creating change in the workplace. Because of this passion, Millennial managers are more likely to be remain optimistic about their abilities to achieve great things for their companies.

They possess confidence.

Generation Y managers have a sense of resilience and confidence about them. They’re persistent with their goals for the future and confident in the bigger picture. This confidence is essential to the workplace because it influences employees to look up to these Millennials and have confidence in the goals set for the company.

Millennial managers have the ability to manage across different generations.

Millennials are a great asset to any workplace because they have a key skill — the ability to manage across different generations. Gen Y managers are learning how to manage employees from different backgrounds and experience. This is why Millennial managers are so successful; they’re able to manage any employee, from their fellow Millennial to a Baby Boomer.

The Millennial’s ability to be a rockstar manager doesn’t just come from their age or experience. Millennials have a sense of drive that pushes them to be innovative and optimistic leaders in the workplace. As we continue to see the generations of the current workplace transition, we’ll see Millennials step up and become strong leaders we can depend on.

Why do you think Millennials make great managers?

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