A Thorn By Any Other Name: My Purpose is Sure

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Thorn Rayanne

A Thorn’s Point

When I was a young girl, I wished I had any other name except my own. I really wanted to be an Elizabeth.  And not a Liz or a Beth or a Libby – but a full-blown Elizabeth.  It was/is a name of royalty.  It was a name suitable for a Princess and I had read enough fairy tales to know that I, indeed, wanted to be a Princess.  Who wouldn’t?  Except when it came to sleeping uncomfortably on a pea.  Any Princess who doesn’t demand  new bed isn’t worth her salt or weight in gold.

I thought Rayanne was too boyish, but as I got older, I realized that it was not as severely manlike as I thought.  Of course, there were those, and always will be those, who failed to take the time to read my name correctly and would just rattle off indiscriminately the fmany variations:  Roseanne, Raylene, Roxanne, Royanne, Rossanne, and my personal favorite Renee – which looks nothing like Rayanne, unless you are lesdixic.   And interestingly enough, I made the ultimate sacrifice and named my second daughter Renee, the confusion has been sure.

My first recruiting boss settled into calling me Ray almost from day one and it has since stuck.  Talk about sounding boyish.  I have since settled in very nicely to liking my name and its multiple derivatives.  Truth be told, there aren’t many women named Ray in business, or even Rayanne – for that matter.  So, in the end, it seems to have worked out pretty well.

Remember Who You Are

When I was a teenager, I would leave my home for a party or dance or some other potentially dangerous youth activity, my mom and dad would typically say to me, “Remember who you are.  Remember who you represent.  Remember your name – our name.”  Those words had significant impact on me – they still do – and I have found myself using them on my own children.  And now, I not only represent the Thorn name or just myself, but also my company and even my industry.  It is not always easy to remember this or to stand in the right light with the right people – whoever they might be.  I must remain cognizant of these facts.  It could have been worse, OI could have been a Princess but name Fred: but since I am not a Bog Princess named Fred, I think I can stay on track.

I am Not Perfect

What does it mean to be a representative of my company, of my industry?  Well, I am certainly not perfect – nor have I ever claimed to be…, but I am a hard worker and I try my darnedest to do the things that will bring the best the results.  It’s part of that whole “better way” quest I have for myself.   It means I try to keep in the forefront of my mind who I am and what I want to achieve – what my company needs to achieve for growth, market saturation, securing revenue, enjoying profit and longevity.  I have a part in that – as does every other hand on our constantly swabbed deck.

The sum of the parts is greater than the whole. 


by Rayanne Thorn


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