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Like-Minds vs.  Different Minds

What is it about like-minds that we love so much?  I find it very interesting how this particular type of attraction works.  On the other hand, I crave conversations with people who know more than I – or know different things than I.  Back to the first hand, I love when a connection is made with someone who dances lightly across my caliber – when they think like I do, or want what I want, when they have a similar work ethic, or desire for mind and skill expansion and understand that hard work is a prerequisite for appreciating the value of gain (whether it’s knowledge or benefit) in your life.

Events like round tables, expos, conferences, or general networking allow for opportunities where folks with same interests gather to teach or learn.  Learning happens at the speed of light these days.  Are you willing to let it happen or does you incapability to see beyond the cursor in your string of data or the swag on your own table eliminate your curiosity?

Fire Hose Learning?

I have spent several years going back and forth between being a sponge, soaking in all I can, or releasing the excess and filtering out the unnecessary details which clutter good ideas. In with the good, out with the bad.  I wonder if it works that way for everyone who has a passion for learning or change?  Perhaps it is reserved for only those who understand the requirements of continued success – whether they are in the technology space or not.

Tech touches everything

Networking today is affected continuously by social technology – and we cannot talk about social tech without talking about mobile.  We are a people on the move and on the go.  Standing can easily become a death knell.

I often connect, on some social channel or another, with individuals I have met at events, and/or through my work and friendships circles.  This is where we hope the authenticity we have touted pays off.  The “I am who I say I am” syndrome thrives and often boils over in me.  I am compelled to be that way – it is often a curse – perhaps it’s because I see so many who are not – who hide behind their cloak and dagger attitude, whose kimono never truly opens.  Maybe it is because I just can’t keep down the parts of me which are truly human.  I often think and say stupid things just like everyone else – but, here’s the kicker, I am ok with that – as it is true and it is real.  But, there are times when I get it right, I know the right path and I say the right things.

Smoke and Mirrors

Why is telling or living with the truth so difficult for some?  I would have a really hard time living with the realization that I am not who I purport to be.  I have said this often to friends, “what if tomorrow everyone figures out that I don’t really know what I am talking about?”  It is mostly a joke.  Mostly.  The fact of the matter is that “what I know” is constantly increasing and tomorrow I  will need to know more than I do today.  Thus, the feeling of always having to catch up.  This is how good tech companies consistently feel – they must innovate and they must update and improve.

Consistently ranked #1 Welterweight UFC champ, Georges St-Pierres declared, “Innovate or die” rings true for me….The way I see it, innovation is a discipline, not a lottery. It’s got nothing to do with luck, or even eureka moments, because those are unplanned, unscripted. For me, it comes from the combination of two elements within my control: hard work and open-mindedness.” I suppose as a UFC fighter, Georges skill, and perhaps even his life, depend upon constant movement and the re-invention of his own skill.   

I am the same.  I may not be in a boxing ring, but I take it to the mat every day.  My career, my life even, depends upon it.  I value the trust my company has placed in me.  I have a personal need to grow and learn.  I cannot stand still – innovate or melt is how it works for me – the better way.  I must find it.  And if I cannot – I will make it.

Lead, follow, or get outta my way.

After getting lost and having to wind a convoluted backward path to finally arrive at her desired destination, my mom used to say, “Anyone can drive straight there…”   It’s the getting lost and the times of failure where paths to success are discovered.  I have a little way to go, but I am learning to not fear failure.


by Rayanne Thorn



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