Service Worth the Price of Admission

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Yay!  A New Phone

That’s not how I really feel… I actually hate it. Going to a phone store or Apple store is less than joyous when you know you are going to leave with far less money than with what you arrived. Even with a “free upgrade” – Is anything ever really free?  This last trip was for my son, he had exhausted his replacements under AppleCare, not sure how anyone can crack a screen more times than I, but I suppose it makes sense that it would be my offspring.  Venturing off to the phone store on a weekend proves I must be mad, but venture we did.  We seemed to arrive in the nick of time, as we beat the onslaught that poured through the doors shortly after our arrival.

“The iPhone 5S in Slate, Please”

I made sure the store had at least one in stock before I even left my house.  I was not about to fight over a phone.  The “host” at the AT& T store hesitated, like he knew they didn’t have any.  I pressed on, “I checked online last night, you still have a couple left.”  In a blink, he was gone and returned nodding, surprised that “Yes there were still some in stock.” And then our wait began. We picked out a new phone case to foolishly prevent an unpreventable cracked screen, he better keep it in the case at all times.  And a new colored charging cord to match his case.  Soon our name was called and by that time the store was slammed.  Some guy next to us had upgraded from a Gen1 iPhone to the iPhone 5S – I am sure the new update went over real well on a Gen1.  He decided that this Sunday morning was his chance to get a complete tutorial < in-person>on the new operating system and all the bells and whistles the 5S could offer.

Patience is a Virtue

That particular sales rep was patient, so patient.  I would have lost it, but she calmly taught him e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g while 25 people looked on.  Our sales rep slipped away to get the phone we wanted from stock and soon we were in transfer mode.  I don’t know how these reps do it – but he was kind, patient, and by the time we were done, I felt like I should friend him on Facebook.  I have to say, this was the best phone purchase experience I had ever had.  I barely felt the screws in my wallet as I signed away for another 12 months.  And why was it so pleasant?  GREAT customer service, a laugh and a smile.  And enduring patience.  Patience with crazies that come in and demand attention or the latest mobile device.  That’s me!

Easy Tone & Magnetic Smile

While we were there, two customers came in to just complain, one about their bill (yes, people still go into the phone store for that!) and the other about the lack of confidence she now has in her phone because it wasn’t doing what she thought it should be doing.  3-4 reps handled the rush, as well as the complaints with style and grace.  Our sales rep just seemed to slow the rotation of the earth with his easy tone and magnetic smile.  It was nice to be reminded that good customer service still exists.  He handed the phone to my son, new cover on and then a text message popped up on the phone.  “Oh, it’s mine, it’s working”, my happy son declared as he returned a text to his girlfriend.

It’s just a little thing really.  Just a smile, a nod, an easy way.  It really isn’t that hard to take Ellen’s advice and be kind to one another… in all you say and do.  It is returned to you – I looked for the tip jar as I left, of course there was none.  But I will return to that store without dread, when it is my turn for an upgrade and I will wait with the patience and respect that good customer service deserves.   Not demands, but deserves.

Thank you, Jared at AT&T in Aliso Viejo, CA.  Your service was worth price of admission.

by Rayanne Thorn



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