Securing Future Business Today

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Securing Future Business Today

The Sandwich Maker

“I’d like a bacon and avocado on honey oat, please.”  The eyes rolled behind the counter, I know they did. The Subway sandwich maker didn’t like that I requested no turkey and no cheese.  I thought the whole idea behind Subway was that you could “Have it your way.”  Ok, yes, I know that’s another place, but really?  It’s a sandwich bar, for God’s sake.  Let me build my sandwich if you can’t do the job you get paid to do.
The avocado being placed on my sandwich was brown and rotten.  You would have thought I’d asked for the moon, the way I had to ask several times for a different avocado.  I’m paying extra for the ‘cado, I’m the one eating it, please, just give it to me a good avocado. In my head, I was screaming, and apparently some of that frustration came out, because two customers back, a woman snarled loud enough for me to hear, “Attitude.”  And if you think I let that pass without a comment, you do not know me very well.

Less than stellar service

Needless to say, that particular Subway experience was not supreme.  I, like you, work very hard for my money.  I do not like to waste it.  I do not like to have to ask more than twice for something that should be obvious.  I do not like to have someone, not earning / not spending my money, question my fast food requirements.  I’m standing right here watching a definitely bad avocado being put on my sandwich, “my” sandwich.  I’m not a brat.  I am normally very easy-going and appreciative, I might have been a bit grumpy.  And for that I am sorry.   But I will never be sorry for “the customer is always right,” I didn’t make that up, by the way, I just think it is correct.

Another life lesson

Since I am a firm believer in life lessons, this one has a secure place in my catalog.  Each and every day, we have an opportunity to impress someone, make someone happy, fix a problem, solve an issue, secure a future relationship.   I want my clients and customers to be happy with my service, my product – today and every day.  Why?  Because I want them to call me tomorrow.  I want those in my network, with whom I engage regularly, to take my call tomorrow.  I like having channel or industry partners refer business to me or my company.  I think it is imperative that whoever I speak with on behalf of my company has the best experience possible.

Future Business

Do you think I will be stopping by a Subway anytime soon to pick up a six-inch bacon avocado?  Not that particular shop.  Securing business for the future.   If I made New Year’s resolutions, one would be to declare my fast food abstinence.  And really, it is NOT my responsibility to teach a sandwich maker how to slap some bread together and make a sandwich their customer will love and appreciate, and then come back for more, right?

It is so easy to forget about the future when so many hate their own present.
Securing business for the future, how are you making that happen now?



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