Repetition is Not Always the Best Teach: Hope for Lessons Learned the 1st Time

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Repetition is Not Always the Best Teacher


Actions and Responses are not Always Rational Or Logical

I have witnessed first hand what illogical behavior by another party can do to a rational and logical person.  When we are confronted with distrust or our integrity is in question, it is easy, as a person who tries to maintain a high level of integrity, to have their groove thrown off.  That is exactly what happened to me recently.

Recent Events

The recent voting season seemed to bring out the worst in people.  Sadly, I am discouraged by the ongoing political hatred that continues post-election.  I remember thinking on election day, “Whatever the outcome, at least the hate and non-unity will end.”  How wrong I was.  I am beginning to wonder if we will ever recover.  I have decided to pour my disenchanted self into my work and proceed with a “business as usual” attitude.

Of course, there will be instances in our business and in our daily lives with family and friends when we must prove ourselves, prove our work ethic, prove our worth.  But when you have worked with someone who you know, who knows of what you are capable, it can be painful, hurtful, when you ethic and work are brought question.

Both Sides Tend to Jump to Conclusions

What is the best way to handle that situation?  It is not the easiest issue to face, especially if your reaction will be a final impression or cause a continuing reaction or more sever response.  Jumping to conclusions seems to be an unwanted result for both sides.  And while it is best that professionalism be maintained, sometimes, you just have to stand up for your self and decry what is thought or has been said and proclaim your worthiness, your ethic.

Great care must be taken in order to have words be accepted or preconceived thoughts changed.  I always look for take-aways, for how I can handle it better, for how I can avoid similar circumstances in the future.  How I can learn, and thus change.  If change doesn’t take place, if improvement is fleeting, then the pain was for naught.

Learning More than the Stove was hot

I am all for lessons learned.  It has been said that man learns by repetition, in some instances, repetition is not the best teacher.  I value these lessons, even though the stove was hot and the sting will last a while.  The hope is that the memory of that sting will serve as a strong reminder of what didn’t work.  One can hope.






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