Regard Your Work

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I used to plow through my days
at the speed of light.



If I slowed down, I would fall behind.  I couldn’t afford to fall behind.  What if I got left?  My greatest fear as an adult has always been failure.  I have much to do, so I haven’t stopped, but I have learned to slow down a bit and ride the surf that carries me instead of fight against it…

I have learned to take time to strategize and/or construct lists,
lists that I will actually mind and check off.

During the course of your day, are you taking the time to slow down and regard your work? Or do you flit from one report or project to another, without considering the whole picture and the time suck that absent-minded work can become.  Becoming mentally engaged is not always at the fore front of everyone’s mind.  Many times, we arrive at our desk and absently pour over emails or reports without first connecting with a particular vision or purpose.

In my very first job as a recruiter, I worried incessantly that I would not appear or sound “engaged” or in the know. I was new to the industry and vehemently denied the sales side of me.  I spent a half hour every morning just re-attaching myself to my work, to a particular assignment – its requirements and various details. It was important to me to have that time to strategize, make mental and written notes, and then customize my presentation.  I reviewed the previous day’s work and the follow-up required. I often felt ill-prepared because I had not been raised in business as recruiter or sales person – but I had been raised as a service provider, so the transition required thought and at times, was very difficult for me.  In the end, my service provider mentality blended richly with the salesman dying to get out.

The daily snapping-it-all-back-together is a requirement for me.  Carefully regarding my work is a must.  I must look at the pieces before I try and make the puzzle work.  Then I also must envision what the final picture will look like.  Strategy.  It is not a dirty or lazy word. I think it is one of the most beautiful words there is, but it also is not an easy word.  It requires thought, time, and patience. In the long run – for there is no short runstrategy saves those three key resources.



Slow down you move too fast, you’ve got to make the morning last.  And it will be gone before you look over the top of your computer.

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Rayanne Thorn, @ray_anne is the Marketing Director for online recruiting software company, Broadbean Technology.  She is also a proud mother of four, happily engaged to Tom, residing in Laguna Beach, California, and a daily contributor for Blogging4Jobs.  Connect with her on LinkedIn.  



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  1. You have just describe me 🙁
    Yes i´m afraid to fail and my head-crativity, run in high speed… and i jump a lot…Patience is not my best virtue.

    Ceci |

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