On Growing Whole – Create Your Legacy Now

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Defining Your Legacy

I just finished an incredible five months participating in a program called The Telios Experience led by my brother, Dr. Andrew Thorn, PhD.  This was a personal legacy-building program which allows its participants to look more closely at the rest of their lives and identify purpose, as well as fulfillment. I was overwhelmed several times during the program because, while I thought I understood my path, I really only had a very small inkling. This project left me high, but most certainly not dry – I learned more about myself than I thought possible.

Mental Boot Camp

Looking deeply into my head and heart, body and soul, I was able to see beyond what reflects back at me in the mirror each morning. I saw the fear of my future, the residual pain of the past, my challenges today, and also successfully maneuvered through life-affirming challenges which stretched my core and flexed memory muscle I had all but forgotten. This Mental Boot Camp, of sorts, broke through my often rough exterior to reveal that soft underbelly which I hate to expose and have worked so hard to deny.

I am Human

I am aging, as are we all. And in the process of my aging, I have discovered that I like what I am discovering about myself – I like my wrinkles, my scattered gray hairs, and the sporadic bursts of surprising energy. But I am not growing old – I am growing whole and while I do so, I can still learn and change. I can still challenge myself and redefine my purpose – whether monthly or yearly, sometimes even daily…

I am not one who has ever liked making New Year’s Resolutions – but setting time to review and update or shift goals has become part of this now weekly self-discovery.  You can teach an old dog new tricks – you can teach a whole dog even more.

Growing Whole

Growing whole means I am not hindered or shackled by perceptions of age or a finish line. It means I have opportunity – still. It means what I have always wanted for myself is still possible. And best of all – it means I have done pretty darn well so far – it affirms that I am the best me for me.

So often, I have felt like I was born under the sign of the turd – many things in my life have not turned out like I would have liked. But they seem to have turned out exactly as they should.  Because I like who I am – I like what I have achieved – and I love where I am going.

The Future – My Legacy

Do not wait until it is too late to create your legacy. YOU are the only one who can do that – YOU are the creator. Tomorrow is too late and yesterday was maybe too early – start today.
How big will your wake be?

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by Rayanne Thorn

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