Nurturing Talent: Providing Opportunities for Growth

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Never Say Never

Several years ago, I worked as a Manager of Recruitment and Retention for an exciting tech start-up company.  There were eleven employees and two interns working there when I started.  I was soon charged with the challenge to hire 150 people over the course of that first year – with no budget.  It was all me.  I loved this gig and the immense learning which took place.  In addition to the crazy opportunity to work for tech start-up, there was also the perk of having your education paid for 100% if you maintained an A average.  I was always an A student and this offer was just the impetus I need to go back to school to get my business degree.  I intentionally enrolled in a university close to my work, so that I easily transition from recruiter to student without too much traffic impeding the transition.

I adjusted quickly to being a full-time single mom, full-time corporate recruiter, and full-time college student.  I have always said, “Once you master having two kids, you can do anything.” And during this time, I discovered what would become my lifelong mantra – there is a better way, there is always a better way to do anything. The organization I worked for saw value in the continuing education of its employees. They knew that providing employees with growth opportunities was not only a great selling point for potential employees, but it was also a way to create good will, develop a strong culture, and cultivate employee loyalty. It surely did for me, anyway.

I had said I would never go back to school.  I learned that first semester back the my own better way was continual learning and the pursuit of my business degree.  Apparently, never was a very short time.

The trigger

The moment I saw the “education paid for” part of my offer letter, a trigger had been pulled and the wheels quickly began turning. I can honestly say that I would not be where I am today, have the job I have now, were it not for that little bullet point in my contract.  My zest and zeal for learning will be consistent and perpetual – and it was because of what a place of employment offered to me.

See the Change

Smart companies have figured out that their people – those who keep the cranks turning – need opportunities for growth and development, chances for learning. This is how you engender comprehensive devotion and employee desire to give back. Employees want and need to feel valued. Don’t we all? Offering in-house learning and development builds foundational knowledge and raises the wisdom quotient for an organization.

“The ultimate quest of performance management is to retain quality employees, thus protecting the investment and maintaining the dash.” – HR’s Quest: Enhancing Performance Management

Nurture Your Talent. Strengthen Your Business.

Effective training processes and practices allow smart organizations to consistently hire and retain the right people, and invest in and nurture them throughout the life of the employee – maintaining their dash. Thankfully, learning and development initiatives are taking center stage as today’s business leaders increasingly understand that a highly-skilled, knowledgeable workforce is critical to achieving business success while maintaining a competitive advantage.

Those with effective learning and development programs have figured out what works.  And there are tech companies stepping up and assisting with the arduous process of tracing and tracking the learning paths employees are taking.

Some of the tasks managed by corporate learning software includes:

  • Schedule learning activities directly from performance assessments to close competency and skill gaps
  • Streamline operational / learning / development activities and facilitate enrollment and scheduling
  • Increase employee engagement by allowing them to identify and select their career objectives and create learning paths
  • Determine training effectiveness and ROI by tracking progress throughout the employee lifecycle – thus, maintaining the dash…

Learning and Development

Making learning and development part of the employment package allows potential employees the opportunity to see inside your organization a bit more and gain a greater understanding of the true value employers place on their workforce.  This is called retention, folks.  And it is one of those intangibles represented in a a full compensation package.

“Of everything that can get people deeply, satisfyingly engaged in their work, the single most important is simply making progress on meaningful work.”
– Teresa Amabile and Steve Kramer from “Valuing Your Most Valuable Assets” 

Learning & Development is progress on meaningful work.  It is all progress.  And it’s as simple as that.

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