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You’ve had a mobile strategy for awhile

Pre-cell phone brought us caller ID to the landline.  At my first recruiting gig, we blocked our number – I think we thought people would actually answer the phone when our names or location were not revealed.  Many recruiters today still use a blocked number and I am pretty sure rusing is alive and well in the recruiting world.  I was never very good at it – you have to tell them the truth eventually, why not give the candidate a good experience from the start?  I never understood the lie or withholding info. Omission – Commission, same dif. 

I acquired my first cell phone in 2001, right after 9/11 – I was a hold out, I didn’t want one – if I had one, it meant I could be found wherever I was. But being a single mom of teenagers meant I needed to be found, wherever I was. I quickly realized that having a cell phone meant that I knew who was calling and I could elect to send callers directly to voicemail – in particular, callers whose numbers I did not recognize. And to this day, I do not answer blocked numbers. Why, why do you have a blocked number today? Why?

Mobile Strategy -Schmategy

We’ve been talking about this for so long, I’m pooped… over 7.3 billion mobile devices in the world – that’s more than the number of toothbrushes.  We laugh about it and assume the difference exists because not everyone has a toothbrush in remote parts of the world… but are you ready for this one?  73% of American adults have some sort of periodontal disease. Put your mobile down and pick up your toothbrush, get a cover for your toothbrush and take it with you – make that your new mobile strategy… seriously.

Mobile is here to stay. The internet of things will make sure of that. There really is no choice in the matter – this is how all communications, not just biz comms, are working today. Q4 – 2013, 65 percent of all emails are opened first on mobile device (with 16% opened on tablet).  That’s up from 61 percent for the third quarter of 2013.

“This quarter’s report shows that we are in the midst of a mobile takeover,” said Movable Ink  CEO Vivek Sharma in a statement regarding Q4 mobile email stats.

Really?  Come on…, we’ve been in the midst of a mobile takeover since iPhone launched in 2007.  Our world has changed. How we view our world has changed. Why would anyone think that this would not effect business and ultimately how we staff a business? Frankly, I am surprised we are still talking about all this. Aren’t you tired of it yet?

Tell Me Something Good

I wish there was good or better mobile innovation news. Google Glass is either laughed at or sneered at (and should come with a warning and insurance for broken noses), Smartwatches have stalled out on innovation, user impatience disallows consumer investment in wearable fitness bands – although not for this user, I love mine, I just had my first 20,000 step day. But Phablets (who the hell came up with name?) are starting to pick up global steam (phone + tablet = phablet) – I’ve always thought the iPad mini was just a button or two away from being a phatPhone.  What’s next? In-house location, voice activation, creepy market research (the real big data), and an even bigger boom from video.  Are you impressed yet?  #meh

We need some jumper cables…

So, we have stalled out on innovation just a bit and still there has not been a mobile business strategy evolution. And even with the stall-out, most corporations and their subsequent HR departments have no real plan for mobile success. The “let the chips fall” attitude is a fatal one.  Does success hinge on it? Maybe not today, but tomorrow? Most certainly. If there is anything I have learned working in technology for the last 7+ years, it’s that innovation is not instantaneous and change, though necessary, is uncomfortable and hated.

Start now. You are already behind and tomorrow will be too late.


by Rayanne Thorn


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  1. You point out several common sense things in your post that most people hopping onto the bandwagon forget. This is not new, but it is evolving. Don’t send funeral flowers to the past until the future is really here. Are we there yet? When I asked that from the back seat of my father’s car he would tell me to just shut up and be patient. We could use a good dose of patience shared with persistence. “Start now…” is a good mantra to getting there.

    Tom Bolt

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