“Exploring the Mobile Frontier” – Hot Trend #1 in Recruiting Technology

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Tech-savvy recruiters know that mobile is here and now— how to make it benefit their job is essential.  Recruiters consistently seek for ways to do their job better and keep their organizations staffed with quality hires providing quality services or products.  Innovation, like mobile everything, has sparked the creative minds of long-standing, successful companies, as well as bolstered opportunity for start-ups to step up to the plate and hit it out of the park.

In our continuing effort to streamline the recruiting process, this blog series has been released to help HR Professionals, Recruiters, and  Staffing Agencies &  Search Firms in recognizing the current trends as well as new, but sustainable ideas.

Trend 1:  Exploring the Mobile Frontier

Like their marketing peers, savvy recruiters are going mobile. This expansion has been driven, largely, by the rapid growth of smartphones and tablet computers.  Everyone has one or the other,or both – I know I do.

Constant Contact

Recruiters like the constant connectivity that mobile allows. People tend to carry their phones with them all the time. I am happy to leave my purse or wallet at my desk, but would never leave my mobile device!  The vast majority of U.S. adults have their mobile devices within their hand’s reach 24/7, according to a HubSpot Blogpost. Constant accessibility has distinct job-marketing advantages, especially when recruiting professionals who keep irregular schedules. Mobile is even more important for recruiters working in a global market: More people in the world own a cellphone than a toothbrush, according to the Mobile Marketing Association Asia. Wow! Mobile can be particularly useful in connecting with healthcare professionals. “Some of these people work odd hours, so their smartphone is their lifeline to us 9-to-5’ers,” says Lance Haun, editor of SourceCon for ERE Media. “If you’re sending out e-mails or trying to get in touch with them, there’s a good chance that it is going to involve a mobile phone.”

Mobile is Working

Recruiting efforts over mobile have proven fruitful and will only grow over time, experts say. A survey of 30,000 jobseekers conducted by market-researchgroup Potential Park found that 19% of the participants said they use their mobile devices for career-seeking activities and 50% said they could imagine doing so.

Texting and Apps

Several mobile-recruiting strategies are particularly popular. SMS text messaging allows the employment process to proceed with minimal interruption to the candidate. Some applicant tracking systems (ATS) have compatible smartphone apps that allow prospects to directly submit résumés via smartphone. In short, candidates are going to be floating a lot more job applications, which is empowering for recruiters.

Mobile is here to stay and it is only going to get easier and more available to more people. Making it part of the recruiting strategy is imperative if Recruiters and Hiring Managers are to take advantage of every possible recruiting tech available…


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This 6-part Blog Series and White Paper  – The 5 Hot Trends in Recruiting Technology produced by Reputation Capital  & released by Broadbean.




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