Manner Monday: Triple-Threat

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In the entertainment world, there is a well-known phrase people often use when referring to the singer/actor/dancer who stands out head and shoulders above the rest; the person everyone is referring to is known as the ‘triple-threat’.  Basically, they can sing, dance AND act…and they do all three REALLY well.

When it comes to doing business, are you bringing the full package to the table?  Are you a “triple-threat” in that you REALLY know your industry, you’re ethical AND your soft skills are equally polished?  Do you know the rules of etiquette (both social and business) and do you know how and when to use them?

Well hopefully you have the first two areas fairly well established; you are ethical and you REALLY know your industry.  Now, let’s look at the third area that will make YOU the absolute, hands-down choice as the “right person” for someone to choose to do business with you, or hire you.

I like to equate manners and etiquette to driving and the rules of the road.  There are obvious rules of the road that keep us all safe and going in the right direction.  The same thing applies to manners and etiquette, if you know the “rules of the etiquette road”, then you can go into any business situation with the added self-confidence of knowing “what to do” and be able to focus on the business at hand.

Are you doing everything you can to be the “Triple-Threat” in your industry?

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