Leadership Development is a Strategic Business Priority

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How do you know…

How do you know who will be a good manager or leader? Is there a way to tell during the hiring process? Will the employee be ready when the company is or will the company be ready when the employee is? How do you continue to protect your invest – the quality hire?

Nurturing Talent

“Effective training processes and practices allow smart organizations to consistently hire and retain the right people, and invest in and nurture them throughout the life of the employee – maintaining their dash.” – Nurture Your Talent: Providing Opportunities for Growth

Knowing when your employees are ready will only occur if you care enough to listen and watch your employees on a regular basis. You must also give them the opportunity to give their own feedback regarding their employee experience.  Have you continued to court your employees post hire or did your efforts to woo end after they passed their probationary period? Too many organizations fail to care for their flock and miss the chance to grow leadership internally because they ignore developing strengths during times of strife, the signs displayed that prove management material, and leadership which blooms during quiet times, as well.

Succession Planning

This is an extension of the recruiting function. Truly, it is. Organizations which focus only on hiring the right talent, instead of maintaining the entirety of the dash are exhibiting short-sighted operations as well as prohibiting the business from maximizing its current and available talent to reach business goals. Successful companies are able to hear, understand, and grow employee career interests. Providing development opportunities will close skills gaps and nurture high potential employees so that they know there is a future for them at their organization and are ready for advancement into key roles. And guess what follows? Company loyalty which equals retention of quality.

Short-Sighted Hiring

Look beyond 90 days to reveal employee and organizational expectations.  Why do so many choose the quick and easy, when the long run is where you want employees to reside? And guess what?  Employees want it too– they want job security and they appreciate the company’s investment in them.

Succession Planning is not just another project for HR – it is a strategic business priority. Just like recruiting is an important function of business, so is the development of future leaders. It just makes common sense.

Steering the Business?

You bet it is… Leadership Development is one hell of a smart investment for not only HR, but for the entire business.  To maintain the dash of the employee and sustain company success, leaders must be identified who care about and invest back in the company and its people. Building a talent pipeline should extend beyond successors to top management to include everyone whose contributions are essential to the company’s future. Period.

Do not be confused.  Identifying and promoting leadership from within is all about increasing the power behind the hire… it’s all about retention. And protecting your investment.


by Rayanne Thorn

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Leadership Development is a Strategic Business Priority

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