Labor Relations Round-Up July 2014

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Labor Relations in the News

The summer has been a little bit quiet on the labor relations front, but there is always something going on these days. Here’s the main headlines:

NLRB reviewing Joint Employer Status

Unions have been pushing to change the definition of the employment  relationship for years.  Very soon, you may find that you employ more employees than you thought.

Right now, the National Labor Relations Board is weighing the very question of what it means to be an “employer,” and therefore who has to come to the bargaining table when workers organize for better treatment.

Zero Wage Economy

Lots of issues related to the zero wage economy are impacting workers in both Europe and Australia.  More on this from Sean Granger who does great work on the excellent Peak Jobs blog.

1. Zero-hour contract conditions are already present in Australia ;

2. Zero-hour contract like employment is on the increase in Australia and will continue to increase over the medium term. To be fair the rise of zero-hour contracts has occurred under both the Tea-Party-Tories and the Whigs.

$15 an hour wage gained in LA

Workers that clean schools in Los Angeles recently agreed to a labor agreement that will take their pay to the $15 an hour level by 2016. SEIU Local 99 negotiated the increase on behalf 0f 30,000 school workers in LOA which will raise pay to $15 per hour.  The deal covers more than 20,000 employees, and could have a massive impact around the rest of the United States, since $15 per hour is the goal of a movement in cities around the country, including the fast food industry.

Obama renominate for recess appointee to NLRB

President Barack Obama is giving Sharon Block a second chance to be a member of the National Labor Relations Board.

The White House said President Obama intends to nominate Ms. Block, who he had installed on the board with two others early in 2012 using recess appointments. The Supreme Court last month ruled the maneuver was invalid under the circumstances.

Fun, fun, fun.

Obama Renominates Former Board Recess Appointment

President Barack Obama will nominate Sharon Block to the National Labor Relations Board, the White House said, potentially reigniting a fight with Republicans over the panel’s composition, as reported by Newsmax.

Block, a former deputy secretary at the Labor Department and aide to the late Democratic Senator Edward Kennedy of Massachusetts, previously was nominated by Obama to serve on the board, a federal body that adjudicates disputes between companies and employees.

Block drew opposition from Republicans, leading Obama to appoint her to the board in January 2012 under a provision of the U.S. Constitution that permits temporary appointments to be made when the Senate is out of session.


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