Friday Five: Robots, Robots and Twitter’s Never-Ending Bad Day

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Friday again? The week goes so quickly when you’re having fun writing about robots, the job marketeconomic growth, presidential debates and the brand impact of scams. Phew, I’ve been busy! And I bet you have too. But instead of letting you off easy with some fun reads, this week I’ve got some really interesting think pieces and videos from you. Come on, spend the weekend thinking about what the world of work will look in 25 years!

Here is your Friday Five:

President Obama Talks Future of Jobs with MIT’s Joi Ito and WIRED’s Scott Dadich

How will artificial intelligence impact the future of jobs? President Obama sits down with Joi Ito and Scott Dadich to discuss “neural nets, self-driving cars and the future of the world.”

The 3 Ways Work Can Be Automated

Having trouble wrapping your mind around automation and the future of work? George Zarkadakis, Ravin Jesuthasan, Tracey Malcolm look at the different kinds of automation and what sorts of impact they can have on a business. They say there are 2 types of automation: robotic process automation, cognitive automation and social robotics. Robotic process automation is about taking things literally out of your hands. Cognitive automation is about turning some of the thinking over to AI and machine learning. And social robotics is an interactive model where humans, robots and AIs learn from working together. This piece is is a great introduction to how what we call “the fourth industrial revolution” is transforming the world of work.

On @Jack’s One Year Anniversary, Twitter Remains a Mess

Jack Dorsey came back to Twitter last year with a mandate to reform the company and put it (back?) on the right track. Well, it hasn’t exactly worked out that way. His second tenure as CEO of Twitter has been marked by scandal, bad updates and poor stock price. Now the social media platform is up for grabs — and no one seems to want it. Last week, venture capitalist Chris Sacca unloaded his Twitter shares, which may yet start a wave of abandonments. Can it be saved?

“It’s not a situation that can last forever. Even if the company is now pointed in the right direction, or indeed a direction. The question is, does Twitter have enough time to fix what’s wrong? Dorsey had a year. The stock is flagging. Too many users leave; not enough arrive. When he returned as CEO, Dorsey promised that he’d make it easy to understand what Twitter is. He did. People do. And they don’t seem to need it anymore.”

Artificial Intelligence: Making A Human Connection

Researched Genevieve Bell gave the keynote at the Artificial Intelligence Conference in New York this year. She discussed the “meaning of ‘intelligence’ within the context of machines and its cultural impact on humans and their relationships.”

What Do Uber Drivers Think About Being Replaced By Robots?

Last month Uber launched a starter fleet of self-driving cars in Pittsburgh. Vice News sent a reporter out to investigate the experience, and more importantly, to talk to Uber drivers about how they feel about “sharing the road” with self-driving cars. Some are worried about passenger and pedestrian safety — what if the cars are hacked? Others are worried about their part time jobs disappearing, and about the impact that robots and AI will have on the economy as a whole.


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