Friday Five: Retiring, Vacationing and Hard Conversations at Work

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Rarely have I wanted to see the end of a week so much as this one. The Orlando shooting and the debates that sprung out of it have been draining. But even in the midst of a news cycle dominated by discussions on gun control, terrorism and violent homophobia, there were other stories. And I bet you, like me, were happy for the distraction. Well, this time out we’re reading about Orlando, of course, but also vacations, retirement, CFOs and HR tech startups.

Here is your Friday Five:

How to Talk About the Orlando Shootings at Work

While some managers would prefer that politics never enter the workplace, in the wake of mass shootings and other tragedies, it’s inevitable. So how can we talk about these things in the workplace, without anyone getting hurt? 

Exit Planning

What’s driving youth unemployment? Is it robots? Economic stagnation? No, says Thomas Geoghegan, it’s older workers hanging onto their jobs too long. I can’t say that I agree, because after all, new workers can’t easily take the jobs of retiring workers — they tend to lack the qualifications. And singling out later retirement as the cause of youth unemployment discounts the transformational forces at work in the global economy. But! It’s worth a read.

The Secret Economic And Career Benefits Of Taking Vacation

According to Fast Company, taking vacation is good for the economy. I completely agree and I’m booking my summer holiday right now to do my part in the global economic recovery.

The Imperial CFO: Chief Finance Officers are Amassing a Worrying Amount of Power

Do CFO’s have too much power? The Economist’s Schumpeter looks at the problem of the modern CFO role: lots of power and countervailing pressures.

Beamery Raises $2 Million to Help Recruiters Identify and Draw in Talent, Instead of Waiting for Applicants

This is a bit of a misleading headline, in that nurturing a broad network of potential candidates is what sourcers have been doing for years. I don’t think that recruiters really “wait for applicants.” But startups like Beamery that make sourcing, branding and networking easier are incredibly good news for HR and recruiting, so I’ll be watching to see where this one goes.

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