Friday Five: Ballot Initiatives, Talent Shortage and Bad Press for Female CEOs

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I know you’re stressed about the election so I’m sharing only ONE election article with you. Instead we’ll be reading about why the talent shortage is your fault (I’m sorry), sexism in business (I’m sorry) and why Zenefits/Z2 is still in a downward spiral (that I’m not sorry about).

Here is your Friday Five:

Voters Could Give 2 Million Workers a Raise On Election Day

It’s not just seats that are up for grabs next Tuesday. A number of state ballet initiatives could increase minimum wages and extend paid sick leave.  Arizona, Colorado, Maine, and Washington are voting on whether or not to increase the minimum wage to $12. Voters in Arizona and Washington, meanwhile, are considering the question of paid sick leave.

New Research Points The Finger At Employers For The Widespread Talent Shortage

Why are you having so much trouble attracting top candidates? Or average candidates, for that matter? It’s not because the US is experiencing a true talent shortage, says Fast Company. They cite Manpower, who say that the decline in internal training and promotion is contributing to the so-called talent shortage. Want to hire the best talent? Well, maybe you already have the best.

Privilege Helps Men—but Not Women—Get Fancy Jobs

András Tilcsik send 300 fake resumes to law firms and found that signs of wealth and privilege helped get the attention of hiring managers — but only for men. Instead of helping women signals of class privilege actually made hiring managers less likely to contact female candidates.

Female CEOs Get Blamed More than Male Counterparts

A new media study showed that when companies are in trouble the CEO is more likely to be blamed for it — if she’s a woman. “Nearly 80% of digital and print media stories about companies in crisis cited the CEO as a source of blame when the company’s leader was a woman […]. That compared with 31% of stories assigning blame to male CEOs in stories about companies in similar situations.” And I am… not at all surprised.

Zenefits Reboots as Z2. But It Might Not Be Enough

My favourite bad benefits and HR software company is still in trouble. Last week it rebooted as Z2, with a new platform and business model. Z2 is “partnering with 17 outside companies so that its services can operate in tandem with common business tools like Google’s G Suite, Microsoft Office 365, Slack, and Expensify. Plus, the company now lets businesses shop for insurance plans via an online map—not just through its network of (ahem, definitely licensed) insurance brokers. ”  But will this be enough to save it? Like Wired, I’m doubtful.

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  1. So what do we do with all of these articles showing over and over again that sexism is hurting women’s careers? It’s been known forever. The EEOC is a toothless resourceless paper tiger. Women who stand up for themselves are retaliated against with impunity. Hurting women’s careers hurts everyone. Women are breadwinners whether in single parent households or “DINK” households. Preaching to ourselves for the past 30 years has only driven this bias underground where it’s even harder to stamp out. When a man can brag about sexually assaulting women and get elected President of the United States what does this say about women’s equality and prospects for a non-sexist workplace? We don’t need more proof of sexism. We need ways to stamp it out. Where is the research to show us how to do that?

    Tired of sexism |

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