Finding Face-to-Face: Technology Can’t Replace it Completely

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Face to Face Technology

Technology for Business?

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a huge fan of technology.  I love using it to communicate and do my job better – whether that job be recruiting, managing a team, marketing / branding my company or myself or helping others to do the same.  BUT, I have to say, there is nothing that can replace face-to-face.  Nothing. 

Real Life

Having tens of thousands of followers doesn’t make you great at your job.  Having thousands of connections on LinkedIn doesn’t make you smarter.  And while the impact of social media is real, and it is not going away – as evidenced by the multiple events that share its features, its capabilities, and the changes it has brought to work, how we communicate and, really, our lives – real life and live connections continue to be mandatory.

The Power of Face-to-Face

Marketing has forever been altered, as has branding by the onslaught of all things social.  Additionally, the tools available to any, in any aspect of business, are multiplying daily.  And for the better.  And this is all good.  Buthere it is and I am unafraid to say it, write it, or shout it through the room: Face-to-Face is not going away either.  All these tools we tout and gleefully use are all about bringing us together… so let’s come together, every once in a while.  Let’s chat every so often- outside of a chat room.  Let’s talk in person – not texting or using a hands free device.  Let’s project manage together – by sharing what we know, not directing our team to a project management site.  Sometimes, let’s drive innovation by sitting next to each other and brainstorming in front of a real white board, not a virtual one.   Oops, I said it and now I feel the shame that Marissa Mayer must be feeling.  But please note that I didn’t say all the time, every day.   Sometimes, every once in a while, every so often – key elements to my thoughts.

Face-to-Face as a business tool?

Yes, but it can be often misplaced and / or unused and misused.  Re-commitment to each other as a flesh and blood entity, not a perpetual hashtag or twitter handle, not a fan page or an avatar, not an IM or text message. It isn’t easy to balance but the thrill is greater, the drive more drivable and the craft more craftable – if you get your hands actually on it, your face actually in front of it, and your words in behind of your voice… Just do it.  Pick up the phone, schedule some chat time offline and put the mobile device down when you get that time.  It will do your mind good.  Face-to-Face is just in a little coma and it’s up to you to wake it.  It is here to stay, too.


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  1. Social media is the multiplier. Not the replacement for all face-to-face communication. Looks like we belong to the same school.

    Prakash Gurbaxani |

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