Do Different, Be Different: The Power of YOU

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be different

The Quest

I like me.  I like who I have become.  I can look back at where I have been and see who has emerged, the me I am now and the one I want to continue to develop.  It doesn’t end here;  the quest is lifelong.

I am an old soul trapped in a modern time.  I love black and white or Technicolor movies.  I love browsing through antique stores.  I love driving across the desert.   I love talking on the phone but, for God’s sake, get to the point – most phone talk is a wasteful use of time.  I love body surfing and wave jumping, when the water is warm.  I love washing down a driveway with the hose.  I love doing dishes by hand.  I love sitting in a rocking chair.  I love fresh cut flowers.  I love playing h-o-r-s-e.  I love long dinners.  I love taking my time as I window shop. I love homemade cookies and hand-dipped chocolates.  I love wearing skirts and long dresses.  And I love being in love.
Many would consider these things old-fashioned.

Oh, Bother

I hate non-descript emails <spam> that have been sent to thousands.  I am not a big fan of the phrase reaching out to you.  I despise traffic and selfish drivers.   I hate scanning my own groceries; I prefer a checker to do that for me. If I’m going to scan them myself, can I get 10% off?  I hate when someone enters an office and doesn’t say a word to anyone – no “good morning” or “hello.”  I don’t like when my favorite sandwich shop or pizza place closes down.  I hate when the prices change at the local donut shop.  I would prefer it if the left hand knew what the right hand was doing.  I cannot stand when someone interrupts me, then says, “Am I bothering you?”  I even hate the word hate.

The Paradox

But being an old soul doesn’t mean I do not embrace modern conveniences.   I love email – when there is a point and it is addressed specifically to me.  I love my mobile phone, that particular balance is continually evolving for me.  Many who know me know that I have had a cell phone addiction problem, it is a work in progress – but I think I have found the balance.  I have made it pretty simple to find me.  I only recently removed my mobile number from my profiles, but my work number and email addresses are easy to find.  I am easy to find.   Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, Instagram, Flickr, Pinterest – these tools have been set up to make it easy to find me.  My business, my writing, my networks are important enough for me to want to maintain – on a regular basis. 

It’s OK if You Don’t Agree

Not everyone shares my sentiment.  And that’s ok.  What a boring world it would be if we were all stupidly happy everyday and everyone did exactly as expected and exactly as everyone else.

Why It’s a Quest

There are parts of unpredictability that are old-fashioned and romanticized but there are also parts of it that are fantastically modern and innovative.  Basically, I can’t help myself.

Be different.  Do different.  Be you and find power in that.


by Rayanne Thorn





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