The Continual Evolution of Recruiting Technology

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I love technology. 

It has become the center of my work – not only in how I do my work, but the space where my work resides and thrives.  For the many years that I have been involved in HR and recruiting, I have had the great opportunity to witness the rapid uprising and adoption of technology and also how it has benefited the recruitment and HR industries.  The benefit has become so imperative that we now have a vital and necessary digital recruitment industry.  The old vestiges of recruitment still exist – good recruiting tactics still rely upon human interaction and the ability to engage with a candidate/applicant or client/hiring manager.  But today, even this, human interaction, cannot be done the way it was done just a mere ten years ago.

My Early Days: Good Old Human Interaction

When I first started recruiting, the fax machine was the latest and the greatest way to secure a winning candidate. A resume in hand meant I had a chance of filling an open role.  This is no longer the case, as resumes fill the cloud and online profiles have replaced walls of filing cabinets where coveted resumes once lived.  The times have changed; technology has made sure of that.  So, as technology speeds the recruiting process and social media changes how we communicate in business and life, will we see a resurgence of good old human interaction or will that mystical and mythical interaction be replaced by a megabyte here and a XML feed there?

We ceaselessly yearn for a deeper understanding of current technology – what is hot and now – and how will change my job, my life. Last year’s multiple pronouncements of what is fantastical about The Cloud and Big Data leads us to analysis – predictive analysis that shines a bright light on where we need to be and what we can do better.

A Speeding Train of Information

My voice excitedly and happily presents webinars in Mobile Recruiting Technology or the 5 Hot Recruiting Technologies, I host a weekly internet radio show, and my fingers fly across the blogosphere making sure “real life” stories are still being told to benefit the hiring industry.  And while I yearn for a deeper understanding of current technology, the speeds with which technology changes incessantly precludes me from ever catching that information train.  It races past me on tracks made of clouds where big data is no longer a road block but now an “I think I can” approach to predictive analysis and the Little Engine That Could? Well, he not only could, he did.  And it seems continual, that other Little Engines are merged, purchased, and acquired…

M & A

The HR Technology Mergers and Acquisitions on our right, left, and around every corner prove where interested buyers with much sought-after investment money go to work (and sometimes to rest) these days.  One of the most thorough and regularly-updated list of human resource technology funding, mergers, and acquisitions dating back to 2004 can be found here.  Noted Merger & Acquisition activities in 2012 proved that HR and Recruiting Technology interest is alive and well, at least in the wallets of larger tech companies looking to either expand their services and software offering or simply dominate their particular field of interest.

What does this mean for the industry?

And while this appears to be a good thing – investment in technology usually is, investors are quick to point to winning combinations or share early ideas and initial roadmaps.  What happens when a smart tech company gets swallowed up by a major corporation?  Are burgeoning ideas lost?  Are long-standing relationships – relationships which proved the value of that tech company to begin with – neglected or axed in the process? Is exciting new tech shelved because corporate red tape and bureaucracy gets in the way? Time will tell which companies invested and then, managed their investments wisely.  Time will also tell which companies are simply playing Monopoly and slowing buying up the board.

Tech Development Pushed on with a Purpose

In December of 2011, Gowalla – a young and thriving mobile location tech competing with Foursquare – was purchased by Facebook.  Only three months later, Facebook announced Gowalla’s shut down.  Facebook had squeezed all it could out of Gowalla, keeping only a few key employees.

I am proud to say that companies like Evenbase have a different idea.  Digital recruitment technology evolves swiftly because the drivers demand it, the drivers being recruiters always looking to do their job quicker & better, and of course, the jobseekers who need & want a job now.  Tech development is pushed on with purpose.  This isn’t a game board that needs to be swept.  It is an industry that needs to be made whole – whole in purpose and whole in the fantastic technology behind the work that supports that purpose.

And The Work is Everything. 

Hit list of 2012 M & A activity in the Recruiting/HR Tech Space

(take a look at a more in depth look at M&A activity in HR tech by clicking here.)















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  1. Great post Rayanne , use of traditional enterprise technology such as an ERP can also help in the recruiting process, read something about this very topic that readers may find useful ” “Utilizing Microsoft Dynamics AX to enhance your image to external candidates ” @

  2. Thanks Bruce… I will check out your suggestion too…

    I am most concerned about what the tech and advancements we lose in M & A activity.

    Several years ago, I recruited for a tech incubator, if you will. We had several portfolio companies that were developed from tech purchases out of university tech departments. It was incredibly interesting work, but was most intriguing to me was the fact that many of the technologies that we purchased we destined to just sit on shelves at the universities because the money ran out or students who had been involved in the tech dev had graduated and moved on.

    How much is lost? How much further ahead would we be if a process of vitality and usability recognition were made available? I love all this and fear we lose more than we gain in the M & A process. But, I guess that is the nature of the beast.

    Thanks again for commenting…


  3. Really interesting article! It’s true, technology is evolving so quickly it’s hard to keep up, and this is just as true in the recruiting space as anywhere else. While paper resumes and face-to-face meetings were once essential, now a resume could be a social media profile and a candidate can record video interview answers from their mobile device. Technology is helping to drive the recruiting process forward, saving recruiters time and money while filling positions.

  4. Thanks for commenting, Josh.

    It has been fun to watch the evolution take place and now it feels like all I do is chase the train! It will be interesting to watch the next five years!


  5. Technology today is very helpful for us in our daily activities, not only for entertainment and communication but as well as for education and job sector. It is still improving and if we learn to adapt and use it wisely, somehow it can greatly help us to be more successful.

    • Hi Randolph–
      Thanks for commenting…
      We just need to remind ourselves of the good it can bring and then stay on that communicative path!

  6. The quality of information that you are providing is simply wonderful. Technology is growing Technology today is very helpful for us in our daily activities.

  7. Thanks Kris.
    I agree – our daily lives are altered and bettered by the use of tech – as long as we continue to use it to better communications and create greater connections with humanity.
    Thanks for stopping by the blog and commenting…


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