In Business, Are You The Hunter or The Hunted?

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In Business, Hunter or Hunted

Having No Mercy

Making their home around my neighborhood and on the surrounding hills are the cutest little bunny rabbits.  They are the color of the sandy dirt in this area and have the fluffiest white tail that seriously looks like someone hot glued a cotton ball on their hind end.  <Insert Scary Music> Also inhabiting these hills are coyotes.  I have seen several on my daily walks and I’m not gonna lie – they are a little scary.  One, in particular, was the biggest coyote I have ever seen.  We often hear packs of coyotes scream as they attack their prey.  They are deadly and seriously have no mercy. 

On one of the pathways through a local park, very early in the morning, along one particular stretch, rabbit fur and fluff lines the path.  A sweet little bunny had recently met his demise, as evidenced by the tufts of fur crazily strewn about.  The battle was short and the result typical and true.  The circle of life is alive and well and continues on in my own neighborhood.

What Would I Rather Be?

I have spent many days wondering if I’d rather be a rabbit or the coyote.  Of course, I don’t want to be hunted and ripped to shreds but I also don’t want to be the hunter or the one doing the ripping.  It seems like neither party has the best deal nor the best rap.  For how much skill does it really take to catch an animal much weaker and only 1/20th your size?  And how much fun is nibbling on grass and hopping around ignorantly through life?

A Vivid Comparison

I think business and life are a bit more complex than a simple animal kingdom comparison.  But the comparison is vivid and maybe a bit harshly depicts what we don’t want to be, neither a rabbit nor the coyote.  One is too weak, skittish, indecisive, and non-trusting.  The other is destructive, uncaring, ruthless, and non-listening.

Finding a Good Combination

Yep, definitely don’t want to fall into either one of those categories.  Though, I wouldn’t mind being thought of as gentle and intuitive, as well as assertive and keen.  I think I can rustle up some gentle assertiveness and keen intuition to finish out my week.


How about you?  Are you a coyote or the rabbit?  The best of both or the worst of either?


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