Big Quotes for Big Data: Make People Matter #BigDataHR

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This week on Blogging4Jobs, we are focusing on the theme Big Data sponsored by Jibe. Jibe provides cloud-based recruiting technology solutions that enable talent acquisition teams to strategically identify, attract and engage candidates. Join us April 10th 2014 at 3pm to talk Big Data on Twitter using the hashtag #BigDataHR and join our webinar, “What’s the Big Deal with Big Data in HR & Recruiting” on April 17th at 11a EST. Follow the week by bookmarking us

Throughout this week on Blogging4Jobs, we have been posting about Big Data and the effect it has on HR.  There have been some interesting conversations and some great quotes…

Here are just a few:

It isn’t magic

Big Data isn’t magic. It’s the process of using your business data, a few statistical techniques, and the right charts and graphs to answer business’ most important questions.” from Rusty Frioux as he points to 5 HR goals understanding analytics can help you achieve.

It’s nothing to be afraid of

The first thing to do to help ease pre-conditioned fears is to lose the term “Big Data” altogether. When I hear that term, I just think of a sea of numbers, a mountain of spreadsheets and my lifelong struggle with anything having to do with math. I always want to run the other way when math is involved.” Jed Hamilton explains some nitty and a little gritty about scary big data.

Is it just a buzzword?

“One of the first things I notice is that some folks are talking about analytics when they talk about big data.  Other folks talking about big data and are really talking about the incredible volume of data available on the internet and boiling it down to a user level.  And other’s are looking at it from an enterprise level, internally and not talking about any external data.  I think we don’t necessarily need to get the ‘talk’ right, but we should get on the same page. Not that each is wrong, but we are using the same words to call different things – Big Data and this leads to the confusion.” George LaRocque clearly understands what most of HR doesn’t.  Big data is just data…

Get some perspective on your own biz

“The truth is, every business goes through a discovery period in which they explore big data and all it has to offer. ” Blake McCammon encourages us to look at big data from the perspective of our individual business, not from what everyone else is saying.

Get out of your comfort zone

“For big data to be useful, interesting and approachable for HR and recruiters, we have to get out of our comfort zones and try something new. We have to evolve, push ourselves and commit to learning new things. Do I know if the data will support my gut feelings and the old way of doing things. I have no idea and that is what’s exciting.” Jessica Miller-Merrell always adds the right twist of inspiration to change your point of view. Check out her manifesto.

You mean I need to think about People Data?

“People data can be defined as any information associated with your employee’s involvement in and interaction with the workplace.  It includes all compensation, benefits, performance, recruitment, onboarding, training and absence data.”  Archie Anderson suggests that you may be able to make better business decisions by harnessing, integrating, and then sharing your People Data.

Unfurl the lariat of big data

“Do we know where all our data is stored?   If data is stored in multiple systems, we need to bring it together. Our HRIS, ATS, and LMS are traditional repositories, but what about spreadsheets that HR team members may be using to track data that isn’t stored in the HRIS? We need to think about where we’ve stored information such as recruiting data, productivity statistics, tracking of safety incidents, or cost per hire measurements and wrangle it.” Robin Schooling explains the Reverse Cowboy of Big Data HR… (you’ll scratch your head a couple times)

How about some refined data?

“We don’t need “big data” to prove we have a candidate experience problem which continues even with the exposition that there is a problem.” Big data won’t solve all our problems… The Devil is in the details. At least I think so…

And are you really really for big data?

“I came across an article recently that said that 90% of the world’s data has been created over the last 2 years. Now pause and really think about that. 90%. Last 2 years. That is A LOT of data and information and think about how much data you and your organization create. Employee files. Performance Reviews. Training Records. System Profiles. Company Newsletters. Exit Surveys…” 90%? Whoa!! Andrea Devers asks the question, are you ready?

Are we losing our humanity?

“It’s simple really. The fear of tracking daily habits in the workplace makes many afraid to go with their gut. Afraid to think, research, explore and take chances. In short, afraid to be human. Risk adverse decision-making is one thing, risk adverse creativity is another.” Bridget Webb asks the question many of us ask, Is big data sucking out the human in us?


No, Virginia – big data isn’t the answer

I am not afraid of big data. As a matter of fact I pshaw at it and now refuse to capitalize it. I just don’t think it is will solve the problems we have in HR and recruiting.  The solution is the people – not the quadratic equations, spreadsheets, and dollars. Make people matter.


by Rayanne Thorn

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