Be Dissatisfied! The Journey Never Ends

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One Step at a Time

A few years ago, on my drive to work, I spotted another driver multi-tasking.  No, they weren’t talking on a phone or texting or putting on mascara.  In the dark, little car driving next to mine, the neck of a guitar stuck out the window on the driver’s side!  The guy driving was playing an acoustic guitar.  Seriously. 

There are those who claim to be successful at multi-tasking but there is NO way this is working.  No way. In all honesty, I have been guilty of cell phone use while driving, but I was stopped at a traffic light when I took this picture and how could I not take advantage of this photo opp?

Oh, the Endless Work

Tasks perpetually line our work days and if you are a parent, pet owner, home owner, home renter, or simply responsible for keeping your personal space clean —  a multitude of tasks line your time off, as well. .  These tasks, responsibilities, and odd jobs are necessary in order to get work done and be/stay organized.  Learning to balance time between family, pets, work, friends, continuing education, volunteerism, and vacations or time off is not an easy thing to learn or do.  Making money brings certain freedoms, but  it also removes others.  Free time is often out the window; this is a tough lesson for some.  Others fall in line easily.  When we commit to projects, when our work denies our wants, we pretty quickly determine our needs and figure out a work-around.

Journey vs. Destination

I’m pretty sure driving down the road while cradling a guitar does not paint a healthy picture of free time.   I am also pretty sure this driver was not wholly focused on either the function of driving or the joy of guitar playing/composing.  The age-old discussion about journey versus destination can aptly apply.  While the journey can be exciting, is the danger of never reaching the destination worth the risk?

Where You Need to Be

I am sure that a short but risky part of the journey is thrilling and makes a great story, but I am also certain that the long haul – the full trek – doesn’t really end at the intended destination.   The journey is about crossing the gap between where you are and where you need to be.  If you are truly engaged in growth and development, education and edification, where you need to be will always be on the horizon – attainable – but just out of reach. So, I suppose it is about the journey.

What Do You Strive For?

Someone I used to work with made this very bold statement, “We should strive to be dissatisfied.”  There are those who would find that clear as mud, to me – it doesn’t get much clearer.  The minute you are satisfied with what you do, the service or product you provide, is the minute you stop finding the better way.  And there is always a better way.


by Rayanne Thorn






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