Agility: A New Sign of Business Success – part 1

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Being Successful in Today’s  World

As we survey business operations today, agility and flexibility are increasingly recognized as core necessities, talent acquisition is expanding to many branches which include employee retention and succession planning. Organizations should have a clearer, more strategic approach to what recruiting quality entails and what it means for them, the hiring company.  Job requisitions are stacked high, but gone are the days of post and pray – meaning posting to the various job boards  and just waiting for excellent applicants / candidates to drop into waiting laps.  Post and pray is not a strategy.

Talent acquisition strategy must align with company growth goals.

This means a wide-eyed look down the road ahead to fully understand what each new traveler that joins your ranks brings to the journey. This will most likely require more work in the beginning, but further ahead? The right talent will deliver the necessary energy and development to maintain momentum  and meet company goals head on.

We want to grow healthy organizations with a robust company culture.  Did anyone think this would be easy?  Companies need to re-think their growth strategy to include succession planning, for all roles. An interesting by-product of growing your leadership from within is the vested interest your workforce will build within themselves. Built-in opportunity inspires and changes the employee – they become engaged in growth and stability, as well as enhanced loyalty – opportunity does great things within the mind of an employee.


In The Wizard of Oz, as soon as the Scarecrow receives his “brain,” he becomes the leader Dorothy always knew he was. With opportunity and recognition, he stepped up his game. The same can occur with an engaged workforce – identifying leadership traits and potential early on changes how we hire and how we promote.  The future of an invested organization becomes identified when agility and flexibility are a priority.

How is this missed? How do organizations lose sight of the very simple concept of employee engagement and retention? Talent acquisition and Talent management are not fly-by-night practices/processes – they require strategy in thought and deed. The strategy comes in when we remember the long and arduous journey to success – success that will surely come.


by Rayanne Thorn 


**Part 2 – How Flex-Agility Impacts Strategic Hiring


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  1. You are right. Post and pray is not a strategy. Instead, consider going out to local schools. Even if you need experienced people, you may be able to connect with alumni who need jobs. That’s a great first step.

    Also, consider local speaking engagements. Word can get out faster if you promote your message.

    Lastly, consider speaking with and connecting with local job support groups. They can be great sources of talent. I belong to a great one with many members.

    So the recruiter has all these tools that can be used to help the process. There is no need to sit around waiting for the phone to ring or waiting for an e-mail with the right resume attached. You need an active strategy.

    When recruiting for my own department in a large consulting firm, I established relationships that helped me when I nneded people. You can too.

    Henry Motyka |

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