5 Things Employers Should Be Thankful For Today

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I often write from the perspective of the jobseeker or the recruiter, sometimes from the tech vendor – as I have been all three at various times throughout my career, this seems logical, yes? Today, I find it necessary to remind employers of the indicators that they have it pretty good. In a time when company loyalty seems scarce and employee complaints are plentiful, I thought I would point to the good in deference to the bad we so often hear about, see, and highlight.

1.  Employees Who Care About Others.  More and more companies are seeing a rise in charitable giving either through service or dollars.  Companies are engaging employees in various cancer walks and runs, fundraising for illnesses and conditions, and/or growing mustaches, raising funds and awareness for men’s cancers in Movember.  I’m looking forward to hearing about the increases in 2013 as  Corporate Giving rose 38% in 2012 – It’s good to care.

2.  Employees Who Care About Themselves.  75% of high performing companies regularly measure health status as a viable component of risk management. Healthy employees create a healthy work environment.  Reduced risk of disease/illness improves overall company well-being. Makes sense to me.

3.  Employees Who Care About the Company. While we talk and write about quality of hire all the time, the truth is that employee retention is in the basement these days.  Employers are beginning to recognize that quality employees are worth investing in.  Creating a loyal workforce is harder than ever but not impossible. Successful talent management today requires employers to get creative in their retention efforts.

4.  Technology.  Now more than ever, employers can reach jobseekers in multiple online and offline forums using new (mobile tech) and traditional technologies (email and phone). Instead of bucking trends, employers should go where their employers are and where jobseekers are hanging out.  Ask the questions and then listen for the answers.  Engagement is only engaging if it’s two-way. That means you have to listen and respond, employers!

5.  A Flexible and Mobile Workforce. What’s not to love about a workforce willing to work?  The format for “work” today is changing.  Jobseekers and Employees more than ever before want flexibility in all aspects of their work day/week/year.  Being able to break away for a child’s doctor’s appointment and make up work on the weekend or work a day or two a week from home can strengthen company bond and build a whole different kind of culture – one that proves the employee is important to the employer.

The world of work is changing.  Some employers will be able to keep up, others will not.  The companies left behind will be those which refuse to accept a future that is agile, a today that is now, and a past that no longer works.

“It is not necessary to change.  Survival is not mandatory.”  – W. Edwards Deming 


by Rayanne Thorn

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