5 Examples of Tech Permeation in Biz and Life

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Adaption and Adoption

Though I shouldn’t be, I am always surprised by the difference that technology has made in my life.  I am one of those crazy adapters and adopters who follows her gut when it comes to embracing a new technology. I have seen up close and personal the differences those tech brushes have made in my life and in my career, as well as in the lives of others.

1. Social Networking

Before Facebook and before MySpace…, I had a profile on SixDegrees – a very early social networking site for families and / or friends.  I created a group for my extended family and a separate friends group where we posted scanned pics – as this was pre-digital camera evolution.  We shared ideas for events, pictures from vacations and just communicated.  I fell in love with social then. I knew I wanted to be a part of this online experience – this was before the term social media was widely used or even accepted as anything other that crazy talk. I had trouble getting everyone in my two groups to be active or fully engaged as it was less than user-friendly.  After several months, I was the only one left posting on a regular basis – so it died a slow death and MySpace captured everyone’s attention with a great UX until they hit the FB iceberg. The rest is history for 1.2 Billion of us.

2. Video Interviewing

Thirteen years ago, I would sit at a Fed-Ex Kinkos and use their video conferencing equipment to interview candidates residing in different parts of the world for the jobs I was trying to fill. It was expensive and a pain in the butt, but provided an invaluable service when you consider the costs it saved associated with flying a long-distance candidate in for an on-site interview. The firm where I worked eventually bought their own in-house equipment, also very costly… This was before the very successful launch of web-based Skype and more professional recruiting tools like HireVue and GreenJobInterview.  Skype took the world by storm and the rise of live-streamed video, web group calls, and internet-based phone calling shook the earth. And now, I cannot even imagine my day without Skype.

3. Mobile Technology

My premiere cell phone was a tiny little Nokia that fit snuggly in the closed palm of my hand – it was the first thing I purchased for myself as a newly single mom of four ready to rock a new life, both personally and professionally.  I quickly mastered E.161 texting – really I did – but was very happy when I purchased my first smart phone several years later which had a full QWERTY keyboard.  The rise of apps and location-based tech, as well as the internet of things continues to tilt our universe.  The rotary phone is a dinosaur and our children do not understand a chord attached to a phone other than to charge it.

4. Communication

Several years ago, the fastest way to get official information to someone was by a couple F-words: Faxing or Fed-Exing.  20+ years ago, these two power-house modes of communication changed how we were doing business. Still going strong well-into the 1990s until email became the norm and then the absolute expectation by the time 1999 arrived.  Not quite the party Prince imagined, but a communication fiesta, nonetheless. Email and online communication quickly gave way to social media, texting, and any other way to communicatev you can imagine today.  There are so many modes now, that I often forget where,when, and what message came in.  We are in a communication revolution.  Everyone expects more, but there seems to be less wanted.  Wonder where products like Google Glass and the smartwatch will take us…  The GlassHole and Inspector Gadget join the comms revolution with eagerness.

5. Content

Marketing has shifted even further than Seth Godin ever imagined in 2008. The home invasion of marketing has left many crippled and unable to survive the unsubscribe tab on every email received.  Today’s marketing is not email – spam has lived in our postal mailbox forever and now, it conveniently haunts us and follows us to our multiple inboxes, as well. Today’s marketing is continuing education and regular updates regarding the changes to processes and practices.  It is found in the form of content that not only educates but entertains – keeps you riveted, but not dumbfounded – shares with you, but doesn’t take from you –  emotionally ties you to a product/service, but doesn’t anchor you to ancient times or places.  We are in a content boon and it is crazy to watch the different things artists and providers are trying in order to make their followers happy.  <clap along…>

The Seepage of Tech into Every Aspect of our lives

I love where we are in technology.  I am hanging on to its long tail for dear life – as it whips me and taunts me with every new thing.  I am eager to hold on and take it on. Some days, it feels like I will be flung to the furthest corner of the universe – others it feels like that corner is too close and I need more space to learn, to stretch, to grow.

“It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.” – Albert Einstein
Only if we forget humanity, Albert – only then.  It’s increased mine.

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by Rayanne Thorn

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  1. Email? Forget it, if I haven’t assigned you a color, you don’t get read. I get so much spam, I cannot even keep up. If I actually glance at an unsolicited email and it does not teach me something in the first line or cover something I’m researching, it’s dumped. It has a life span shorter than a fruitfly.


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