4 Steps to Improved Communications

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We live in a world where communication is espoused as being easy and clear because of the many tech channels in which communication takes place. And while at the very basics, this might be true – it is also true that mass mis-communication is commonplace.  We are surrounded by opportunity that is often shrouded or buried in a mess of emails or tweets, messages or updates. So how do we solve this very key problem?


I think it is as simple as picking up the phone and calling, so here — I will lay out four steps to better communications.

1. Pick up your phone, it can be a smartphone, cell phone, skype phone, internet phone, or standard ol’ handset on a landline.

2. Dial or push the buttons of the number of the party to whom you want to speak.

3. Relay a clear and simple message to the person you are calling. OR leave a clear and simple message or voicemail.

4. Set follow-up steps for next communication.  Then follow-up. 


Amazing how it works.  When all else fails, make a voice to voice call to whom you are trying to communicate.

Culture of Trust

Interestingly enough, when we follow these four steps within your organization or group, you are establishing trust and building a culture of people, not automatons.  And this is the quickest way to prevent or solve conflict. Voice to voice.  The only thing better is face to face.  But hey, this isn’t Utopia.


Just for your enjoyment – be the expert communicator!

 by Rayanne Thorn

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