3 Musts for a Successful Partnership

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3 Musts for a Successful Partnership

Is Having a Partner for You?

Whom do you consider to be your partner(s)? Is it your spouse? Is it a best friend? Is it someone you have worked alongside for the last several years? Perhaps it is in the traditional sense and it is someone with whom you started a business or whom you now share operational responsibilities…

Perhaps it is someone you don’t know very well, but with whom you are aligned in purpose or effort. Perhaps it is a cog that fits perfectly with your wheel and you are able to achieve great things because your combined skills cover what is needed for success.

Partnerships are a great idea.

I believe this and have sought out certain partners for different businesses or adventures or idea exchange. This, however, to say that having a successful one is an easy accomplishment or endeavor, for usually they are not.

When you place two or more minds together to work on a project and they come from different backgrounds with different experiences, it can be trouble if certain tracks are not adhered to or if the desired end result is not defined or understood by all involved.

Open communication, respect, and a clear comprehension of what is to be achieved are imperative.

If communication fails, a breakdown is inevitable and partners may pursue non-cohesive activities, impeding progress and/or getting off track to a point that getting back on track may be impossible.

If respect is not present, individuals and ideas will be ignored or thought less of. How can this possibly be good for any team/partnership/organization? It will not bring harmony. It will breed contempt. Failure is not only an option, but it is inevitable.

If there is not a clear comprehension of direction or destination, how can a journey be successful? All parties, all involved, all decision makers or idea generators must have the same, constant understanding of what is to be accomplished, what is to be achieved, what is to be established and maintained.

Partnerships Require Attention

Partnerships must be wanted and maintained by both or all partners involved. Without that commitment or desire, a partnership will be very difficult to maintain. Matter of fact-ness, frankness, and an understanding that these are necessary can divert the predictability of hurt feeling that will undoubtedly cause a crash and burn.  Never a good idea.

What is required?  
-Open Communication
-Clear Comprehension of Expectations

Without these three, a partnership will fail.  Bottom line. 
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