1 Step to Save Time & Money in Every Part of Life and Work

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Being lazy will cost you.

Every morning and every evening I take my dogs for a walk. It is usually dark at both of these times, for they occur before I leave for work and after the evening dishes have been done. And though it may seem like a very easy task, it really is quite difficult. Trust me, I would rather sleep in a half hour later or enjoy a half hour longer hanging out with my children. And while I would love to be lazy and just forego the walks that have become a begrudged tradition, there is a thought that always lurks in the back of my mind.

1. Doing things right the first time saves time & money.

Here’s the thing, should I decide to disregard the obvious reasons to proceed on these twice daily adventures, I will reap the rewards and repercussions. The dogs leave the reward and the cleanup I get to participate in is the repercussion. It’s actually a pretty simple concept. I guess I could just let them roam in my small backyard, where they will, most likely, take care of their business. But then, the exercise they receive and the contemplation with which I get to indulge myself would be lost.

1. Do it right the first time.

The longer you wait to do the dishes, the harder they are to do, and the less motivation there is to do them… That is, until the spoons are all dirty or you run out of paper plates. The more time that passes between oil changes in your car, the more wear and tear on your vehicle and damage will mos likely result, leading to more costly work, in both time and money. Thinking the weeds will go away just allows them to grow bigger with stronger roots, increasing the level of exertion and time required to eliminate them from your yard. Allowing an apology to go unsaid only makes it harder to say tomorrow.

1. Do things right the first time.

Working too fast, jumping to conclusions, ignoring signs of trouble, disregarding steps in a process, not doing the right research, making a call unprepared, doing other work to avoid the real work needed, only seeing your side and discounting reasonable or rational thought, dumping work on others, evading responsibility, lying, being defensive… not the best attributes or habits. These are all steps to doing it wrong…

I once overheard my daughter once tell her younger sister, “If you would just do what Mom asks, she’s happy.” Again, it’s pretty simple. Do what your job is. Meet expectations. Then, everyone is pretty happy.
Doing it right, it’s not as novel as you believe.

Save yourself some time and money:  do it right, the first time.

That’s it…, just one step…, but it is revolutionary and will change your life and work.

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