When You Could Have Avoided it: The Worst Kind of Failure

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Migraine  Headache

The Intersections of Life

I have given birth four times and each of those four times has been a completely different experience.  My last delivery was probably my toughest, as I had multiple complications throughout the pregnancy that resulted in issues during a very dramatic delivery.  My doctor and I decided it would be best for me to have an epidural, numbing me from the waist down, instead of trying to deliver naturally, as I had in the past.  The actual epidural procedure went smoothly and allowed my quick delivery despite fetal distress and a steady and severe drop in my blood pressure.   Thankfully, my son was born healthy and we soon went home to a full and busy household.
I wonder if this can be counted as one of his 9 Lives as he has already clicked through three of those on his own…

Post-Epidural Complications

After the first night, our nighttime feeding schedule became plagued with severe headaches.  I was in what can only be classified as severe pain every night for hours; they were the worst headaches I had ever experienced.  They were migraine-like and lasted three to four hours and they only occurred in the middle of the night.  I did a little research and found that others had experienced similar post-partum headaches and it seemed they could be directly attributed to the epidural anesthesia I had received.  My obstetrician, of course, denied this as a cause, but I knew and all I wanted was relief.  No tablets or painkillers helped; believe me, I tried.  I tried drinking more water; staying overly hydrated. I tried power walking during the day.  I tried staying awake longer.  I even tried praying in absolute desperation and complete supplication, begging for relief.

Dear God, Make Me a Bird

On the seventh night, I just started screaming into a pillow, then swinging the pillow around.  That led to frantically flapping my arms which escalated to jumping jacks and jogging in place.  I discovered that after a full-hour of jogging in place, the headache would finally go away.  For the four weeks that followed, I performed intense aerobics in the middle of every night, just so I could sleep.  I switched it up; I innovated.  When what I had tried to ease my pain failed to work, I tried another course of action and another and another, until I found a solution.

 Doing the Same Thing Over and Over Again…

So often, we sit in one place, doing the same thing over and over again and then curse the results that are the same over and over again.  It isn’t easy to find a new path, go down an unfamiliar or difficult road.  But when what you are currently doing no longer works, or never did work, an alternate course of action is needed.  It is time to change it up.

Failure of the Worst Kind

The nature of work – whether it is running a business, developing a product or providing a service – is to solve problems, supply solutions.  If a problem isn’t getting solved, if solutions remain scarce, if the pain doesn’t go away, then a failure is taking place.   The worst kind of failure, one that could have been averted; it’s a failure by omission.  Instead, succeed by choice.



by Rayanne Thorn


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