The Virtues of Change

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Inevitable Change

I am so excited to be alive right now.  We are growing, changing, developing, learning, and excelling at a faster rate than ever before. Yes, with this explosive kind of growth comes the fear of too much – too great of expansion, too fast.  I am a believer that this is not possible, if you are readyif you have thought about it, and if you care to grow and change, too.  The last several years have been pretty crappy – let’s face it.  Joblessness, foreclosures, healthcare woes, low/lost income, lost love, change – inevitable change that alters life as we know it…

I personally lost a home to foreclosure, lost a husband (or two), children flew the coop, credit went to shit,  job changes, and the residual fear of poverty once more, and of course, inevitable change. But I see a light now.  No, I’m not totally happy with where I am.  Yes, I am concerned about how my children will afford healthcare and “life”. No, I still can’t buy a house.  Yes, I was able to buy a new car.  And yes, I am happy.


BUT, in all of this turmoil, through all the grief, rising from the pain.., is my Phoenixmy time.  I have exceeded personal expectations but have not yet achieved my destiny. Isn’t this the place we all want to be?


A friend recently posted the link to the trailer for Minimalism, A Documentary about the Important Things on his Facebook page – and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. This is the direction I think we are going, if we want to — if we see the virtues of change.  Not many can – so many hang on to what once was, their glory days, when times were good, when life was better.  I see the future as when life will be better – I have to – for my glass is half full.  Actually, my glass is brimming, ready to overflow.  But, you see – that is because this is the perception – the reality – I choose.  I choose to see more where there is less and less where the more is unimportant.

I used to say “all you need is love”.  I wish that were true – I wish love would solve all the problems in my world, in the whole of the world – but you see, it cannot – it has not.  We are people doomed to repeat history, condemned to uncertainty, lost in space, and woefully unprepared to age gracefully.  So… do we give up? Do we relinquish personal power because we have no other measure – no other choice?  I cannot.  My battery life is long, my work is still incomplete.

An Intentional Life

Mr. Lowe, my 9th grade English teacher, expected much from me.  He knew of what I was capable – I knew he knew.  Every day that I walked into his classroom at Monte Vista High School in Whittier, California and he looked up at me over the rim of his glasses, I knew he knew.  How could I expect less of me than he did?  

Imagine a life of less – a life of fewer distractions.
Now, imagine a life of more – a life of passion unencumbered by the trappings of the chaotic world around.
What you are imagining is an intentional life.


Expect more of yourself. Your life is a flash – make it an intentional flash…


by Rayanne Thorn




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  1. Love the new look of Blogging4Jobs. Friday is my last day as a consultant at this company because my contract runs out and the project is finished. I have to tell you along with the nervousness that comes with change is excitement! Why excitement? Because at this stage of my life I am very well prepared for the future. I’ve built up a large network of support, learned how to present myself and promote myself, had a sensational coach to prepare my resume and prepare me for the job world, had some current experience for my resume, and learned how to tell stories to get my point accross. I grow every day by reading, reading, and more reading. Now, starting next Monday, is the hard part. I’ll be going out and using all of that to get that next position. You know what? That will be a growing experience as I will often fall on my face. Let’s see how many times I pick myself up before I get to the next stage.

    Thanks for a great article that lifted my spirits this stormy morning.

    Henry Motyka |
    • This is very exciting, indeed, Henry! I am sending the best and biggest thoughts and wishing you well as you broach this next step!

      Keep me posted and thanks for always supporting Blogging4Jobs!



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