The Tricks of Our Own Potential

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We see post after post, article after article, book after book that boasts the latest and the greatest business or recruiting tricks.  Many have argued that social media is the greatest thing to come along – the best sourcing or communication tool out there.  Of course, the classifieds/job postings, digital or otherwise, still garner significant and deserved attention and their use is continued.  Others still place great value in the old school, face-to-face meeting.  Many more still tout the effectiveness of the classic cold call.

What Works?

If they all work – in some form or another – why not use them all – where and when appropriate? Why would you not want to cover as much ground as possible, reach as many jobseekers as possible?

If You KNOW What is Needed, Why Not Give It?

A couple years ago, I was working on a stage production and the director came to me telling me – well, sort of complaining to me – about one of the actors and that this particular actor needed to constantly be told “good job” or “well done.”  The director had trouble telling this actor what he needed to hear.  He had no problem telling other actors and techs that their contributions were worthy – as I witnessed it, I was one of the recipients of it.

I asked, “If this is something you know he needs, why can’t you give it?  You tell others.  If he really needs to hear it from you, why is it so difficult to give it – especially when you know he needs it?”  He didn’t know what to say.  He didn’t have an answer.  It was the one thing – the one trick – that would solve so many issues within the cast.  This actor needed to hear it because he was unsure, he was a novice and he was good – he truly was.  But due to his lack of experience, he was unable to muster the necessary self-confidence.   And his director, even knowing he needed the kudos, was unable to give it.

Was it because this actor was so good?  Probably.  Was it because he was so confident in everything else he ever did? Probably.  Was it because they had a prior relationship that made it difficult for them to communicate?  Probably.  Was it because stubbornness and pride got in the way?  Most definitely. 

The Payoff

When we close off even the remote possibility, because of pride or stubbornness, that we have the power to change a circumstance, then we fail to see the full potential of us – of our individual skills sets – of social media – of relationship building – of “the cold call.”  This isn’t about different business tricks – it’s about work that fulfills, that changes.  Put in the effort and the reward – the payoff – will be deserved, not happenstance, a fluke, or coincidence.  Use the tools that you know work, but also step to the edge – outside of your own comfort zone – and try something new every in a while.

It could make all the difference in the world.   


by Rayanne Thorn



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  1. Hi Rayanne. Some really interesting points. Sometimes we do ignore the blindingly obvious because we don’t feel comfortable or we don’t see the purpose.

    I would add that it is also finding the most appropriate tool for the job. If the company you want to work for does not have a massive online presence, there is no point in trying to connect with them through social media, when a simple phone call will get the most attention.

    – Razwana


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