Technology Disrupts Life – or is it the other way around?

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beyond the reach

Disruptive Innovation

There has been quite a bit of talk about disruption in Human Resources and the technology that supports it these days.  While we can sit back and call HR the oldest profession in the books (ok, 2nd oldest) – one can’t help but notice the constant, loud and proud innovation that is taking place in the space.  Yes, booming and changing technology can be found in every aspect of our work and lives, especially when you consider the difference mobile is making in how we communicate and how we do practically everything.  But HR tech is where I live Monday thru Friday, and most weekends, too.

The Hype

We are used to hearing buzz words in this space. Transparency was replaced by Authenticity.  Authenticity was replaced by anything with Social attached to it.  Social everything was countered and balanced with Mobile.  Cloud and Big Data moved in and tried to squeeze out Mobile.  Gamification has been looking for its place at the table.  The Hype Cycle, as many like to call it, is often just that – HYPE. Translated, this means anything that anybody spends more that 200 words on, spoken or written.  There have been a lot of words presented in one for or another about the buzz words and phrases above.  Does this give the hype credibility or just more hype?  I think we can safely say that all the talk/writing about mobile over the last four years has been proven worthy as mobile devices continue to outsell PCs and laptops by nearly 4 to 1.  The tide has turned.  Where will we find the hype of Gamification next year or Big Data by Summer of 2014?  Can obvious predictions really be labeled as BOLD or are we just good at measuring and following trends?


The only time I do not carry a computing device of some type is when I walk on the beach (unless I predict a bold sunset – then that device is in hand, ready to capture the moment).  Will we find ourselves in a world like the futuristic movies we have watched for the last several decades?  What will happen in the Zombie Apocalypse?  How will we communicate when an asteroid wipes out transmission from heavenly satellites?  What if we are unable to charge our mobile devices due to power outages?

Now Accepting Submissions

It’s crazy to look at how far we have come and how much has changed over the last five years.  What will December of 2018 look like?  I am anxious to watch the evolution, to be a part of its continual push to the next place and time.  I think we need to come up with a new word for the FUTURE.  For as far as I can tell, it’s already here.  How do we describe it now that what has been written and dreamed of is already taking place?  The Jetsons has nothing on today.  Beyond the Reach is no longer a possibility – you are never beyond the reach.  And I’m not sure I want to be beyond the reach.  Connectivity is not just a tissue in the human body, it is a mindset.

Help me out here – what will we call the FUTURE now?  What lies next?  It is already waiting – and we are the laggards.


by Rayanne Thorn

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  1. Frankly, technology has advanced so rapidly in the last ten years (even more so in the last 5 years) that I find it scary. I shudder to think what life will be like in another ten years. I feel technology has not done human existence any favors. Sure, it has brought us closer together as a global community but so much banal information out there, so much distraction, too many options. You can feel the mass discontent; comparing our lives to others, thinking we all have not done enough because the top 10% are wealthy and lving large. Yikes, it saddens me and I for one am nostalgic for the good old non-tech days.

    mischa |

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