When Tech Bends an Ear, Reach & Relevance Take a Back Seat

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New Technology Development Comes in Waves

One tech begats another, and so on.  We, the interested humans, embrace what intrigues us or makes life easier or allows us to do our jobs better. But this is not true for all humans – there are those who are uninterested in such things.  Many are happy enough with life the way it is, they are are secure with where they reside or work, they do not need technology sustenance and are blessed with little drive to improve or do more.  I do feel it is a curse, at times… my perpetual need to do things better, faster, more in-depth than the last year or the last time.

Reach & Relevance

Since the inception and embrace of all things social, Reach & Relevance have taken on new meaning. If people aren’t reading my blog or tweets, am I less of an influencer than others?  This, I do not believe to be true. The only way to measure true relevance is by watching for change or betterment.  Even if I, as the author, am the only one changed or bettered, even then, my writing has relevance.  Technology allows for this.  Multiple social media channels and blogging hubs encourage sharing of information, details, tech specs, and more.

My Favorite Coffee and Tech Moment

I stop for coffee nearly every morning  – a soy toffee nut latte.   My local coffee shop invariably is filled with folks on laptops, tablets, and other mobile devices all working.  One time, as I checked in on Foursquare and waited for my order to be filled, I scanned the room to take in its strange mix of occupants.  Students gathered in corners, jam study sessions in place as it was the last two weeks of the semester and finals were eminent.  An older couple sat at the same table reading two different books, obviously there together, but never acknowledging one another. Young girls tittered in another spot discussing the latest Uggs or boys – both important subjects if you know any fifteen-year old girls. In the furthest corner, rapid movement caught my eye and fascinated, I took in the scene that played out before me. On a laptop, a handsome young man stared into the computer while making wild hand gestures. Then I noticed his utter and complete silence.

I moved closer as the realization hit me.  He was Skyping.  And he was deaf. I gulped when the fullness of the moment hit me and not wanting to be noticed as nosey or rude, I turned quickly away, but this beautiful scene drew me back and I spent the remainder of my wait-time taking it all in.

The best possible use of a technology I had been taking advantage of for several years was unfolding before me.

I was instantly thankful for my immersion in tech, that I knew what was going on, that I was able to see this. I felt completely stupid that I had not even imagined this as a possible use of Skype.  This event took place a full two years ago, the speed of light has nothing on the speed of silence when hands do the talking.  What a remarkable event that will forever hold visual place in my memory.

Life and Tech

Sometimes, almost accidentally, technologies emerge that change how we view and accomplish and life. Sometimes, life changes how we view a technology and this is what happened for me. There is not a technological instance in my life now, since witnessing that display, that I don’t wonder about alternate uses or who else any particular tech might help or assist. It is not my mission, but it has become a mindfulness.  A power so consuming, so prevailing that it is easy to become lost in it and miss new chances, new opportunities to give or do more. Realize more. That is what happened to me. Life and Tech.

Tech can create Life moments.  Let it.   





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