Strength in Purpose: Becoming My True Age

Big Banyan tree in Waimoku falls trail
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I will always be 18

In my heart, this is true – I will always be a young 18-year old – ready to take on the world with the assuredness only an 18-year old could muster. Isn’t it interesting that we really know so very little and yet, we are so ready to tackle the present and the future, completely unaware at how little our past truly prepared us for life. The only way I would ever go back would be if I could take the wisdom I have gained since then with me. I might then be better prepared… might.

I am 50

I am the first to say it, to shout it. I love my age – I have grown to truly love who I am and recognize the twisted and painful path which brought me to this place. But that path is where I gained (and continue to gain) strength, fortitude, tenacity, drive, and ultimately, my purpose – which is ever being re-defined.

“I am creating a life well-spent”

That is my purpose today. I want this – I truly do. I am so excited by the prosperity from growing whole. This bank account has nothing to do with dollars and has everything to do with sense. We all have examples around of people who have struggled, who have worked hard, who have made mistakes, who wholly admit them and are able to move on, who forgive and learn, who balance their gain.

The Lessons of Dayna

During my Telios Experience, I was asked if I had anyone in my life who models growing whole. One individual popped into my brain – a friend I have known since 2007 when I hired her while I was an in-house recruiter for a tech start-up. My friend Dayna has been a constant example of inner strength and beauty that very few of us will ever know. Of course, she isn’t perfect – she will be the first to tell you that.  She has unmitigated patience, an inner place of peace, and the soul of a Banyan tree. She will be a forever friend – this, I know. And I can only hope to garner some of her patience, peace, and strength through mere osmosis of friendship.  She is a chi warrior forged from life – her life.

Who do YOU know who is an example of growing whole? How are they different? What have they achieved? How does their path differ from yours? What can you learn from their strength?

“How do you feel about growing old?”

I have been asked this… a few times. The question always surprises me because I do not feel I am growing old and this redefinition of growing whole has assisted my in my personal refusal to admit that I am on the downhill slide. As a matter of fact, I have decided that I am not yet facing the downhill, give me a few more years. To leave this life at 105 years is my new plan – that gives me a few more climbing years. Somehow, I think the downhill trail is considerably shorter than the uphill grade – perhaps time passes differently as we age.

Taking Better Care

Having 55 years left means I need to take the best care of self possible. Exercise of both body and brain are imperative, perhaps I can steal a banyan leaf or two from Dayna and set my roots more firmly, but know that my branches can grow any crazy way that I wish. And I will be a scout – continually looking for ways to achieve what I must, pushing my limits, and continually experience the joys of being a perpetual student.

Over 78% of men and women over 40 do not exercise enough, if at all. I was astounded by this percentage – this means that ONLY 22% of people over the age of 40 exercise enough or invest in their fitness. Which side of the equation are you?

Growing Whole

This means seeing the big picture – the WHOLE picture. Beyond your desk and computer, it extends way beyond your mobile device – and you can put your head up and see the whole rest of your life. That’s my plan, anyway.

“Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now” – Alan Laekin, author of Get Control of Your Time and Life


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by Rayanne Thorn

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