My Point of Difference and How it Changed Everything

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Diversity – change, difference, variation, dissimilarity

Diversity can mean a lot of different things. Hiring a diverse group of people.  Learning to like different foods.  Embracing different cultures.  Choosing an unusual set of rules to solve problems.  It can also mean developing a new way to think.  Over the last few years, I have been lucky enough to learn a new way to think on a number of different fronts and it has been a direct result of my exposure to diversity.  Thankfully.


I started tweeting consistently a few years ago and have enjoyed the information share and getting to know people I never would have met otherwise.  I can honestly say that some of my closest friends are people and colleagues whom I have met on Twitter.  Its global reach and searchability have helped me align with certain individuals with similar interests.  I like shaking the hand of a new friend I have been following online but finally had yet to meet in person.  Lucky for me, this happens often and my ring of friendship – my network – is ever-expanding

Lifetime of Surprises

Ten years ago, I never would have guessed that I would learn about relaxation on a South Seas isle nor would I have thought I would be working in London or Canada every now and again.  The changes that life presents can surprise and enlighten us.  I have been exposed to diversity and it has been one of my life’s greatest lessons.  I am shocked by how little I knew about the world outside of my own little space.  I am happy at this realization as this admission is one step further away from ignorance.

 A Global Point of View

Here’s an interesting thought that makes absolute sense.  I used to think that the UK and Europe was global and to me, it is representative of global.  But to my friends around the world – outside of my country and even my state, my home represents globility.  Sometimes, you just need to step outside of yourself and your personal location.  You see, it is all about perspectivepoint of view is everything. 

The changes this little thought brings to how we do business are boundless, imagine what it could do for “life”.


by Rayanne Thorn



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