Mobile is Crack

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I Have Developed a Crackitude

It’s true. But when used properly, there will be no ODs or arrests.

“I want to be buried with a mobile phone, just in case I’m not dead.”
Amanda Holden
(you’ve seen her on Britain’s Got Talent – she’s the one who always cries)

I never leave home without it.  Hell, I never leave the room without it.  Why?  Because I like being connected and interestingly enough, it is like crack – yes, I am addicted – that’s the first step, right?  But I temper my addiction – real life doesn’t “get in the way” – I let life in – it is allowed to take over  during certain times of the day and week.  I am cautious of how much time my head is spent bent at a 45˚angle and not just because my neck hurts, but because I recognize the change it has brought to my life – while definitely benefiting my work, it has crept like the plague into my life.  Wish I could hate it or ban it to the outer regions, I just can’t and realistically, I won’t.

Mobile adds to the life experience.  How many of you have Googled on your mobile during a movie: How old is Jennifer Aniston? Or How tall is Al Pacino?  When did John Wayne die? What other films were directed by Harold Ramis?  At my house, we have even competed to see who can get the answer first.  And it always fascinates me how the search bar auto-populates – someone has searched this before I… 

Crack Translates to Need

If a mobile device is used in daily comms with family and friends, does it not stand to reason that it will seep its way into work – our daily biz?  Of course, it will – and if it finds a prominent place in our work lives, does it stand to reason that it will alter how we look for a job or how we connect, follow, or research a company of interest? Companies who sit back and rely on the same ol’, same ol’ way of connecting and communicating as they did three years ago will miss out on a whole new generation of workers – what I call the Now Generation.  They are ready – they are eager and they have grown up with a mobile device in their hands.

The workforce is shifting

There is no other way to say it other, than it is shape-shifting – not in the True Blood sense but in the sense that we are all adapting, rather quickly, to the idea that a mobile device in our hands is not a bad thing, neither is telecommuting or demanding more life balance. The internet of things is driving this innovation – as I check in at my favorite Starbucks and pay for my drinks via my mobile device, while my car is scanned in the parking lot and the lights change based on shifting traffic patterns reported via internet.  We are in a new era  we cannot deny it.

Get Your Crack or Get Left Behind

I have no intention of getting left behind, just as I have no intention of having social/mobile consume my life – it does not.  But it does benefit my life.  Many years ago, my father passed away early on a Saturday morning – he was alone.  He shouldn’t have been, but no matter – he was.  Early Saturday mornings, I like to text my mom and tell her I love her and catch her up on my week.  It isn’t the same as curling up next to her on the couch, but it’s damn close.  She is far, but her words are near and typically exactly what I need to hear / read as I step into my weekend.

I embrace it.  Why? Because then I control it.  Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.  Control it and be ready.  The only direction to go with mobile is forward.  Onward and upward.

by Rayanne Thorn


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  1. Hey Rayanne: Yes, mobile is very “cracky” I love the way you describe how attached we are to our devices. I think addiction is too strong a word. Heck, some of us just like to hear about what are friends are up to next. Great job, keep up the great writing.

  2. Thanks Margo–

    I think many would agree that “addiction” is exactly the right word – but we can control it and we can use it for “good” —

    Thanks for reading and commenting! So good to hear from you!


  3. Now if only marketers were able to “get it”, embrace it, and facilitate contextual, relevant media.

    Great post Rayanne!


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