Human Work in a Digital World

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Human Work

When it comes down to getting the word out about an open position, what is the best practice? Do In-House or Corporate Recruiters or HR Professionals rely on current employee incentives or employee referral programs to drive interest or garner candidates? Do you utilize job boards, your own career site or otherwise? Should you engage with search firms or third-party recruiters? Do you tweet jobs out to a community? Do you send out email blasts to a talent network? Do you maintain a database of past applicants/candidates? Have you invested time in establishing and maintaining good relationships with your Hiring Managers? Do you have a melt-down on Friday because the Organic Chemist position is still unfilled?  I did.

Or do you manage an Executive Search Firm or are a Third-Party of Contract Recruiter? A CRM is imperative but are you diligent about its maintenance and updates? Are you meticulous when it comes to follow-through with both clients and candidates? Do you post on job boards? Do you tweet out your jobs? How do you source new clients? Do you attend or exhibit at conferences specific to your niche? Do you advertise? Do you update and distribute marketing materials? Are you thorough when starting up a new search, harvesting as much information and specifics as possible? Do you work at maintaining relationships with the clients and hiring managers?

So Much to Do in So Little Time

Finding the best talent management and acquisition practices for your organization and team can be difficult, but not impossible. Keeping solid metrics to measure efficiency and validity will help ascertain whether or not to continue those practices. Taking advantage of social media seems to be the modern solution to all problems, but is it, truly? It seems like the more we interact online, the less we interact over the phone or in person. Using excuses like, “I sent an email,” instead of picking up the phone are becoming more and more prevalent.

A Human Touch

I have attended live networking events for LinkedIn groups which typically turned out to not be very interesting events with less than 100 people present and held in bars or patios of very nice hotels or sports’ clubs. These could be shot-gun, speed dating-esque events but I usually decide, upon arrival, that I will connect with one or two people I have never met and spend the next hour and a half talking and brainstorming with these folks who often happen to be HR Professional, funny how that works.

Staying on Task

Selecting a course, sticking with it, learning about others, taking the time to bond, making connections, truly networking: all this is not easy. It takes time, patience, diligence, and an open mind. But the pay-off is huge.

The human touch – it might not be what signs an agreement or offer letter, but it is what closes the second and third.

by Rayanne Thorn



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