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The Intangible

You can have all the tech toys in the world.  You can be a whiz at writing a job description or job posting.  You can ask excellent interview questions.  You can have impeccable follow-up skills.  You can work from home, office, or from the road – whatever suits your process and practice.  But there is an intangible…, a required part of the job where so many fall short.  Discernment – the ability to truly see/hear/discern the needs of the organization + the needs of the jobseeker.  Too often, recruitment and the hiring process become a desperate post and pray proposition, a source and slay debacle.  “Fill that opening!”  

But The Intangible is the most important part of the hiring process and if, after your source and identify, interview and filter, you are unable to determine and discern “fit”? Then your ability to hire quality – the hire that stays – is in question and at risk.

Processes that Matter

Recruiting and a good hiring process will always be defined by the speed and quality of hire.  The Intangible is merely the starting point for the employee and the organization they serve – if it’s there and good, then the burden of care falls upon HR and the HR processes that include all levels of employee maintenance.  These are processes that matter – processes which lead to organizational success.

Onboarding is the first part of the training process – if it fails, that first step toward employment loyalty has shuffled and stumbled.

Performance Management allows for the necessary interaction and communication which build commitment and loyalty to enlist a devoted workforce and build teams that make a difference.

Learning and Development add new depth to the workforce, as well as help bridge the skills gaps that nearly every organization will face as boomers retire and shifts occur in the demographics of the current workforce.

Leadership Development continues the path of learning and development to assist organizations in identifying and unlocking the potential in key employees.

Succession Planning is the door that that key unlocks.  Preparing employees for next steps ensures the soundness of a company as valued employees retire – there will those well-trained and prepared in the wings.  The show will go on…

Train to Retain

These are all part of the training process. Training to Retain sheds the  right light of opportunity on quality employees to grow a quality organization.  And retention of key employees is the natural progression.

When hiring is done right, there is a chance to prove the future.  Employees crave the recognition and opportunity to give more, receive more.  As much as we say that we are in an era of mobility, there is still a great desire for stability.  The brightest trend of all?  Caring about the employee.  It’s a game changer.


–more to come– 


by Rayanne Thorn





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  1. I don’t know if it’s covered elsewhere, but rewarding people still needs to be part of the mix. And by rewarding, in this case, I mean “pay.” No matter what the intrinsic rewards of a job, retention is tough if a company is paying its people at below market rates. In fact, a company that has that as part of its philosophy of how staff is treated doesn’t deserve to retain anyone.

    • Richard —

      You are exactly right! It can be pay, but it is more… It is appreciation…
      It is an understanding between employer and employee that there is gratitude for work and loyalty. Once a year, it may be a pay raise or increase in benefits – but the rest of the year? Let’s look at how employees are treated and whether or not they feel cared for and appreciated.



      • Agreed … “the care and feeding of your employee” is an ongoing, continuous activity. Having worked for more than one “your paycheck is your thanks” organization, even a modest degree of appreciation is a pretty inexpensive retention tool.


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