The Future of HR Needs Disruption

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It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

For many reasons.  One – because I love shopping for gifts for friends and family.  It just brings me joy to know that I can give a little bit – I love putting a little thoughtfulness behind a gift and surprising the receiver with something they never would have expected or they ever would have purchased for themselves.  What can I say, I am a sucker for delight.  Two – because I get to spend a little more purposeful time with family and friends. Arrangements are made to say hello, drop by some cookies or a bottle of wine.  There just seems to be a little more time to sit and chat.  I love that there is an “excuse: to be kind to give a purposeful goodbye to the clerk in the pharmacy or barista at my favorite Starbucks.  Three – forced time off.  I am a workaholic.  If I’m not working, I am writing.  If I am not writing, I am donating time for a good cause.  If I am not donating time, I am doing laundry, walking the dog, or washing dishes.  It never ends.  I am not complaining, trust me.  I am just programmed that way and there really isn’t too much I can do about it.  This time of year forces me to sit and sip, sit and chat, sit and wrap, sit and listen to holiday music, sit and contemplate the future as I stare into a perfectly lit Christmas tree… I love that I have an excuse that I allow to take some time.  Operative word is “allow”.

No more work travel for a bit

This time of year also means that my work travel slows down and I can focus on certain projects that require a bit more attention, like my family.  I do have one last bit of work travel to San Francisco today – but it is for an incredible cause – the cause of changing and bettering HR, by disrupting it.  Jessica Miller-Merrell, the brain and power behind Blogging4Jobs and XceptionalHR has done it again, along with her new site Workology, she has launched a new initiative, a new movement: DisruptHR.  And she asked me along for a bit of the ride.  I happily jumped on this train.  Later today, we will break in DisruptHR with the inaugural event, a DisruptHR Cocktail Party & Roundtable, an exclusive event hosted by Jessica and Disrupt.HR which will feature a gathering of minds for a little disruptive refreshment that includes a panel presentation which I will be moderating.  Disrupting the Future of HR is the purpose.  Shaking it up, changing and opening minds, targeted learning and leading, as well as a little challenge.  Dr. Katherine Jones of Bersin by Deloitte, John Sumser of HRxAnalysts, and Andrew Karpie of Staffing Industry Analysts will be on the panel and they are ready to rumble.  We’ll be disrupting through the evening.

“The first ingredient to being wrong is to claim that you are right.”
Criss Jami, American Poet and Philosopher 


Are you up for it?  Are you up to having what you thought you knew gutted, strewn, and dissected?  This is how you learn.  Being challenged for what you say and what you think is normal in DisruptHR.  You will not get away with doing things and thinking things the way you have always done before.

“Working in the HR and Recruiting space is unlike any other industry I’ve ever encountered. The audience is extremely targeted, specific, and vast yet filled with nuances and history when it comes to HR technology. It’s more complex than I ever imagined making it a very lucrative yet extremely complex industry for those of us particularly in the emerging technology space.

Consumer product development or business to business marketing strategies don’t always work here, and it’s hard for newcomers to grasp the depth of the industry that I work and love.”
– Jessica Miller Merrell

Disrupt HR is a movement accompanied by a formal event or two where “disruptors” who are HR practitioners and HR technology enthsusiasts come together to discuss or hash out opposing points of view and, ultimately, learn from each another.

I love this whole idea and I am happy to be a part of it.  I love that my company Technomedia is keenly interested in challenging the norm, not settling for what we or others have always done when it comes to developing or updating talent management software.  Technology, software, mobile, social, the HR practice itself, and analyzing it all is how we move forward, how we change the Future of HR.

Watch for a recap of tonight’s event here and sign up to receive information about the next DisruptHR event.
And hang on – the ride is meant to be bumpy…


by Rayanne Thorn


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  1. This is mildly confusing – I was just watching the video’s from a conference in Cincinnati the other day called Disrupt HR – started by Steve Browne (@sbrowneHR) and Jennifer McClure (@JenniferMclure.)

    Is this in conjunction with them? Is this an offshoot or are you all collaborating?

    Check out their video here:

  2. That is interesting – no relationship between the two..
    This is a idea/project that Jessica has been developing for about a year now.
    http://www.Disrupt.HR launched in October and this event was organized shortly thereafter…

    Good that we are all thinking the same way – that real change needs to happen.

    We’ll be sharing more here about DisruptHR – would love to hear everyone’s thoughts!

    Thanks for the information!


  3. Hi Rayanne – funnily enough we launched a movement called the HR Game Changer in mid 2014. Started in NZ with my company Elephant but has gone global and disruption is a key part of that. Perhaps we need to collaborate!


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