Damn the Resolutions. Vow to Renew.

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I used to make New Year’s resolutions, but several years ago – I stopped.  I realized that I never really fulfilled what I was resolute about, so was I really resolute?  I really hadn’t resolved to do anything.  Now I like to look at it more like a time of renewal.  Like everything has expired and I need to decide if I want to renew or not, kind of like a magazine subscription.  Did I get anything out of this practice?  Did this make me a better person? or a better mom?  a better woman? a better human?  Do I want to renew that contract?

Expiration Dates

If it required a new year in order for me to change something or do something better, was I really ready to make that change? I have to look at this practically.  Is there a bad habit that I need to give up?  Is there a good habit I need to take up?  Is there a way of living or treating others that I should adopt?


Everyone else is committing to changes, so I should, too?  I have to think that many of us fail miserably at fulfilling a resolution, otherwise, most of us would be perfect by now.  I can’t think of a time in my life when a resolution stuck with me for longer than a month.  Anything that I fully committed to was not done by making a top of the year statement – it was done because I recognized a need for change. 

Fit for Life

Several years ago, I wanted to be more fit, in better shape.  I knew it would take me letting go of about 1.5 hours a day and committing to a strenuous workout routine and a change in diet.   I was married, at the time, to a fitness fanatic.  Me ex-husband jogged 60 miles a week, lifted free weights, and performed hundreds of crunches and push-ups every single day.  While part of my motivation was for self-improvement, mostly it was a need to just keep up – to keep up with a partner who found this type of behavior important, important enough to permanently alter his lifestyle.   I made the changes I thought necessary and I stuck with them. But these changes weren’t done at the end of a broken-down year. They were done when I was ready, when I knew it was time.

Change When Necessary

Twenty plus years later, I still live a healthy lifestyle. I try and walk every day and eat a balanced diet.   But the extreme with which I initially dove into fitness, ultimately proved too extreme after a few years.   I altered, once again, to fit my lifestyle.  Rolling with the punches, changing as necessary, doing what is best for you and/or your family.  These things all must be considered prior to making severe changes to which you may not even stick.  I won’t be buying another elliptical machine.  The last treadmill was the last treadmill.  The hills around my home are my gym membership.  Living to see every possible sunset and meeting my future grandchildren are motivation enough.  Having a dog to walk makes it a necessity.  I mold the change, and in the end the change molds me.

On this, I am resolute.


by Rayanne Thorn

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  1. Completely agree, goals aren’t what’s going to change you and make the yearmore memorable than usual


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